Windows 10: sleep/shutdown/cold boot issues

  1.    06 Feb 2017 #1

    sleep/shutdown/cold boot issues

    HP 8540w laptop, W10 up to date (14393-693), power config high performance, shutdown on lid close, sleep on power button, no devices wake computer except mouse and keyboard.
    Started with two issues:
    1; Computer restarts immediately after a shutdown or sleep command. The only way to shutdown was holding power button. I seemed to fix that problem by turning off fast start option.
    2; Now, I click sleep or push power button, screen turns off but computer does not sleep.
    3; When shutting down, next reboot gives a blue screen message that windows didn't load properly. If I click "Restart my PC" it starts OK. If I click start menu Restart it reboots OK. If I close the lid (shutdown) then cold boot, it is fine. Only when I do a shutdown via the start menu does it not load right.
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  2. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       06 Feb 2017 #2

    at command line prompt(admin)

    powercfg -a

    shows what sleep states your computer thinks are available

    powercfg -requests

    reports what devices won't allow sleep

    for your next shutdown from start menu hold the shift key down and click shutdown. See if you get blue screen on next start up.

    Does blue screen mention driver or library involved (sys or dll). Are you getting error code?
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  3. Fafhrd's Avatar
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       06 Feb 2017 #3

    If you have power-related problems due to unavailable options, it may be that some chipset driver has not been installed. These are often .inf files without corresponding .sys files.
    You may find yours linked at the top of the hardware and drivers forum on tenforums, or on your motherboard support downloads page.
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  4.    06 Feb 2017 #4

    thanks for the replies. I am getting totally frustrated now. I rolled back a few weeks and it stopped the BSOD but not others. I undid the roleback and now Chrome won't open. I think it is easier to do ANOTHER clean install of windoz. I notice on the MS support site that they seldom supply any other answer but REINSTALL. I would say that is telling.

    here is some info ken
    C:\WINDOWS\system32>powercfg -a
    The following sleep states are available on this system:
    Standby (S3)
    Hybrid Sleep
    Fast Startup

    The following sleep states are not available on this system:
    Standby (S1)
    The system firmware does not support this standby state.

    Standby (S2)
    The system firmware does not support this standby state.

    Standby (S0 Low Power Idle)
    The system firmware does not support this standby state.
    C:\WINDOWS\system32>powercfg -requests






    BSOD only shows that phrase that it did not load properly

    SFC and DISM find nothing.

    This BS is going to wear my SSD out b4 I get a chance to use it.

    I did the full shutdown and the next cold boot was OK, but the 2nd was not, and now a problem which just recently started occuring is back. My wifi connects to the router but I get no internet. It is intermittent. Another boot and it is OK. So now Chrome stopped opening. FF is fine.

    I must abuse the heck out of my computers...................retribution is hell!
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  5. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       06 Feb 2017 #5

    Ouch. Yes clean installs get us to new point but hell will follow us unless we take control. Some of the suggestions below should be done even if you clean install.

    So if the shutdown with the shift key down did not result in a boot failure then enter at command prompt(admin)

    powercfg -h off

    While the report above says hibernation is supported something in fast start must still be active. Holding shift key down during power down shuts Windows down fully and it does not use the Fast Start Up process when powered on. There was a member in the last two weeks that wrote about having corruption and overwrote is hiberfil file, forced it to moved and then it worked.

    You can find information written by Brink in the tutorials about Fast Start Up.

    This command ( powercfg -h off ) shuts down hibernation and it will shut off Fast Start Up. Yes I read you had this disabled. This will totally disable. Yo can work at enabling if you need.

    Chrome gets cranky. If it won't start after "end Task" 'ing every chrome occurrence in task manager reboot. No BSOD and Chrome will come too. If this doesn't fix uninstall and re-install.

    Next lets get a handle on what is going into your system by telling Windows to stop updating drivers. You have the skill to manage them yourself, when you need too.

    Windows + R keys
    Enter Sysdm.cpl
    Click on Hardware tab
    Click on Device Installation Settings
    Click on No
    A menu appears (first time) click Never Install driver software.
    You may get a warning. Click the option that says I’ll take care of it (not exact words)

    After doing this head to HP and get the drivers for your wireless card. You may have to uninstall software for old drivers. Install older drivers and see if this brings situation under control. By the way what is the make model of your adapter. With old drivers in run a Network reset.

    Could you share make model of Network adapter.

    Interesting that machine won't sleep. Powercfg -requests says nothing is keeping awake. Lets get over the BSOD's and move forward.

    Fully understand if you want to clean install. If you do, shut off hibernation until have a fully functioning machine that you imaged. Also kill those driver updates.
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  6.    07 Feb 2017 #6

    thanks Ken
    shutting down hibernation did nothing to change things
    I reinstalled Chrome and it is back to work.
    my wifi adapter is an Intel ultimate-N 6300 AGN and the driver date is 1/6/2015 so I don't think Windows updated it recently.
    The latest driver is for my display adapter - nVidia = 11/14/16 and the problem started last month (I think) so it doesn't look like driver updates is an issue.
    I am running Intel's automatic driver update utility. Chipset drivers being updated to 10.1... from 10.0....== failed, UNKNOWN ERROR.!!!
    No other drivers were listed.
    HP does not have any drivers listed for W10 for my 8540w. They abandoned me at W7.
    restarting with diagnostic startup>>>>>>>>black screen with mouse pointer>>>a long time to boot, but no login screen. I have 3 icons on lower right to shutdown, easy of access and connect to internet which has a red X on it.
    restarting goes to same place now to get out of this..........looks like I locked myself out.
    Time for a reinstall. Fortunately, I have a 1/24/17 image. I think that one is good - will find out soon.

    Does the above give you any clue as to what it might have been?
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  7. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       07 Feb 2017 #7

    Interest that doing a complete shutdown with shift key resulted in no BSOD on next boot but shutting off hibernation did not fix boot errors.

    You will see lots of boots to black screen threads. I would tone down the nVidia driver, meaning I think I would use older on an older device.
    @Fafhrd has posted several threads about IPv6 and has me as a convert. He has a link to MS that handles the disabling. I'll ask that he posts.

    I went to Intel and they say there is really new driver for device. I have an old Intel AC7260 and to date I have to run it on a February 2014 drivers. That is the only way I have stability. I may give this new driver a shot and if fails use fafhdr IPv6 solution.

    With your rebuild I would disable hibernation and control drivers.
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  8.    09 Feb 2017 #8

    from reading some of this thread -- Intel AC7260 problems |Intel Communities
    it would seem like the issue is interference from BT devices.
    I'm sure you must have been there, if not check it out. It is locked now.

    I am back up and I think everything is working as advertised, except I can't control my screen brightness from the function keys, I don't think my light sensor is functioning, and I have yet to get my fingerprint sensor working under W10. No support from HP. But that is probably another thread.
    My 6300 is running ~120Mbps copying files to my NAS, so I guess there is no issue there.
    Hibernation & hybrid sleep are off simply to keep from writing an 8GB file to my SSD every time it happens.
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  9. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       09 Feb 2017 #9


    I was unaware of thread. I will read. Funny it works without issue on February 2014 drivers. Thanks.
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