It has taken me four days to solve the disappearing "File Explorer" issue in Windows 10, with absolutely NO HELP from Windows or Microsoft! If your files have suddenly disappeared and file explorer icon does nothing except makes your screen blink and come back....PLEASE DO THE FOLLOWING STEPS:

- Left click "Window" (Start) icon
- Left click "Settings" icon (Left side/middle icon)
- Window settings pop-up box; Left click "Update & Security"
- Scroll down to & click on "For developers"
- On the right side, scroll down to "Windows Explorer;" go to "Change settings to show hidden and system files; click on "Show settings"
- "File Explorer Options" pop-up box; under "Files & Folders"- make the first five boxes are checked, if not click the box; "Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives"- make sure the circle that reads, "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" is active, if not click on the circle.
- Put "Check marks" in the following boxes (click on empty box to do this): "Launch folder windows in a separate process, "Restore previous folder windows at logon," and "Show drive letters"
- Under "Navigation pane" - make sure all three boxes are checked.
- Click "APPLY," then click "OK," Exit out of pop-up box.
- Under the "Windows Explorer" section, make sure all the boxes have check marks, then click "APPLY"
- Exit out and "Restart" your computer!
These last four days have been a nightmare...I have "REFRESHED, RESET, ETC," but nothing worked until now!! I hope this reaches anyone who is having the same issues!!!