I have (amongst others) a custom shortcut to open 'Libraries' directly. This shortcut also has a custom designed icon assigned to it. The shortcut is placed on both the start menu and the taskbar.

The libraries shortcut is as described here and linked to the W8 tutorial.
How do you get file explorer to open libraries by default ?

Following the latest updates I have found opening libraries from either custom shortcut (but not the official one from Windows own file explorer view) had become slow, or opened to a white screen with a 'Libraries not responding' message, or it would try to open and then close by itself. This happened around 30% of the time I would use them.

I had to delete both shortcuts and then recreate new ones, assigning the same custom icons as before. That seems to have fixed the issue.

I can't explain why the shortcuts should have become broken although the one thing I did when originally setting them up was to place a folder containing the icon images directly in the 'C\Windows' area. Perhaps that was a mistake. I have since moved that to a user 'documents' location.

This problem coincided with the last updates.