Windows 10: Should I upgrade what I have or buy a whole new PC?

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    Windows 10 Pro (32-bit) 16299.15
       24 Jan 2017 #21

    EdTittel said: View Post
    Here's what I would suggest:
    1. replace your monitor
    2. make a backup of your system, then perform a clean re-install of Windows. If you are somewhere in the spectrum of "I'm happy with the re-install" to "I can live with it," keep it and be happy. If you're unhappy, it's time to think about replacing your system, or using it as a second system.
    I must admit I'd try that number 2 (backup and clean install) first.

    I don't see there's much to lose by trying it, except the time taken to do the clean install and reinstalling enough software to see if the speed is liveable with. If not then just restore the backup and shop for a new computer.

    I'm currently typing this on a very nearly 10-year old laptop which has given good service and running Windows 10 32 bit. Admittedly I just use it for basic tasks, but it does the job.
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  2.    25 Jan 2017 #22

    Read your PM- doubt I can add much... if you're keen to put together a specific build, then yes, PC Specialist in the UK is a good place to go- very good support and warranty period. (See my laptop specs). On the other hand, you're not after a top-end gaming machine (nor is my laptop!!).

    That sounds a reasonable strategy - as an interim with your current hardware. Look to achieve a good idle state- CPU use very low, disk and internet near enough 0. Leave page file settings at default and make sure you've enough free disk and RAM. Then check you're happy with the speed of response.

    You can run some simple checks on your hardware - for example, Crystal Diskmark - free- check your disk transfer rates.

    X1 search which needs a powerful machine to handle my 15GB of email data...
    Not sure why a powerful machine is needed for that- once indexed, it's indexed. (I did run X1 for a while when there was a free version years ago).

    Having relatively old hardware does bring into question driver compatibility - that's a risk. Running a new OS on old hardware for which it isn't specified creates the risk of low level incompatibility. The OS may run, but, for example, you run the risk of overheating in Safe Mode -an unexpected issue.

    SSD: performance does differ in SSDs - I picked the faster one available. If yours is functional and fast enough- fine. Does your BIOS support AHCI? I'd guess not- AHCI gives faster performance for SSDs.
    AHCI vs IDE - Difference and Comparison | Diffen

    @DavidY: 10 yr laptop? Remarkable.. very environmentally friendly! My experience is of 2 laptops failing catastrophically- this is my 4th in about 18 years, new last year.
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  3.    25 Jan 2017 #23

    clam1952 said: View Post
    If you don't want to roll your own rig in the UK, you can't do much better than a PC specialist build, you can customise them to whatever you want, build quality and after service is excellent. They even customise laptops.
    Can you recommend a PC specialist builder in the UK, ideally near Oxford/Reading/London?

    Like for like, how much more expensive are they likely to be compared to a brand? (e.g. HP, Dell, Lenovo etc)

    EDIT: Thanks I shall investigate "PC Specialist".
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  4.    25 Jan 2017 #24

    dalchina said: View Post
    Read your PM- doubt I can add much...
    I can't fain any PM on this forum. Or did you email me??
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  5.    25 Jan 2017 #25

    margrave10 said: View Post
    I have to agree with the posts early in this thread. Upgrading is a waste. Your old motherboard won't handle the new, faster RAM. And it might not take a newer processor. And it will likely have USB 2 ports, not the faster/newer USB 3. So you generally replace motherboard, CPU and RAM as a set. So now you're close to $300.

    Anyway, if you're not technically inclined, DIY is out of the question. Just buy a new box.

    For the graphics card ... if you're playing high-end games or if you're doing engineering graphics, you need a high-end graphics card. For anything else the motherboard / integrated graphics is all you need. If you're an office user with no special high-performance requirements, you can find a box for well under $1000 USD.

    I've avoided Dells for years. I've had good luck with HP desktops.

    If you decide to go with a laptop, avoid the home/small office stuff. Those are pure junk. Instead, go for a business laptop. You'll pay a lot more, but it will last.

    There are small-name computer companies that come recommended. But I've always bought name-brand.
    Re graphics card, I definitely don't want to play games, and then engineering requirements will only be moderate. Nonetheless I just want a reasonably large screen with reasonably accurate colours - ideally 4K - ideally with the ability to run 2 of them side by side. What sort of minimum graphics card spec would that demand?
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  6.    25 Jan 2017 #26

    ship69 said: View Post
    I can't fain any PM on this forum. Or did you email me??
    - sorry, from one of the respondents... you'll see I was mentioned in a post above.
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  7.    25 Jan 2017 #27

    It was my fault: I was the one who flagged Dalchina, knowing him to be a Guru in the UK division of TenForums. Thanks for jumping in, BTW -- great input and advice, as always.
    Best wishes,
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  8.    25 Jan 2017 #28

    ship69 said: View Post
    Can you recommend a PC specialist builder in the UK, ideally near Oxford/Reading/London?

    Like for like, how much more expensive are they likely to be compared to a brand? (e.g. HP, Dell, Lenovo etc)

    EDIT: Thanks I shall investigate "PC Specialist".
    From about £400 upwards to silly prices depending on what you want. You can get ready built PC Specialist PC's from PC World, Maplins and BT Shop (Used to be Dabs) and Ebuyer
    It's one Company located in Wakefield PCSPECIALIST - Top Spec Custom PCs & Laptops Built to
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  9.    25 Jan 2017 #29

    It's easy to access their site and try specifying a build and so get a price. If you already have an OS license, as I had, you can have your PC shipped with no OS and thus save.

    But I think you'll get better value for something off the shelf, albeit with a shorter warranty.
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  10.    25 Jan 2017 #30

    I'll second PCSpecialist. They built a laptop for me last year. Great quality. I've not had to contact support so I can't comment on that part.
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