Computer having trouble booting and waking up from Sleep Mode

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    Computer having trouble booting and waking up from Sleep Mode

    Not sure what thread to post this under... My Computer's not working. I've been having trouble with it waking up from Sleep Mode or even just booting it up from being off since getting WINDOWS 10 it seems like. It would start and just get stuck on HP loading screen, so you'd have to unplug it. I got it on yesterday for a while and copied all my music to an external hard drive. I then restarted, then shut it down properly and trying to push F2 repeatedly for System Diagnostics, but no luck getting that to come up or even getting it on again. Any Ideas with the computer? It just shows a blank screen when turned on. The Yellow indicator lights that start when it is booting up aren't coming on, but the blue power light is. I can hold the power button down to get it to power down, but the keyboard and mouse aren't showing any lights on.Would appreciate help from anyone ASAP, and of course, thank you for your time.
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    Is the machine a Desktop? If so:
    HP Desktop PCs - Computer Starts but Monitor Remains Blank (Windows 10, 8) | HP(R) Customer Support
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    Yes, it is. I just realized I didn't clarify that, I apologize.
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    If you try Step 6, and all you see is a blank screen, try this:

    Step 1: Make sure the computer is shut down, and press the Power Button to turn the computer on.

    Step 2: As soon as you see the rotating loading circle, press and hold the Power Button until the computer shuts off again.
    Step 3: Repeat this process 2 or 3 times until you see the following on the screen: Preparing Automatic Repair
    Let the computer boot to the Automatic Repair screen.
    Step 4: The next screen (blue) goes to: Choose Account to continue
    Select your account, enter your Password, and press: Continue
    Step 5: A Diagnosing your PC screen appears, and it takes you to the screen for: Automatic Repair
    Step 6: Here you can click Restart, or, [I]Advanced Options
    Step 6.1: Click: Advanced Options
    Step 7: In the Choose an Option screen, select: Troubleshoot
    Step 8: At the next screen, select: Advanced Options
    Step 9: Last, select: Startup Settings
    Please provide an update.
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    I'm using Windows 10. It's the version before what their calling The Anniversary Version {Update} that messes with the Music you had copied from CD's so that you could no longer play them.
    Definitely seems like it could be in Power Saving State. Monitors fine, I can feel air coming out from holes, so fans working. I was looking into the BIOS thing before it started doing like this.

    HP Update had said that everything was up to date. One thing I'm worried about is that I Optimized it through Norton Security and that did fine. I then ran, I think its called CCcleaner to delete Unnecessary files in File Clean up. Fine, OK. I had updated it b/c I have free version of CCcleaner & U must update manually. Ran Registry Cleanup where it finds registry errors and you can fix them(Erase them, I Suppose). Some of them said HP firmware on them.(Only looked at a few of them before pressing fix all)

    I thought since the Registry Errors didn't respond to anything it wouldn't matter if I fixed them, then the Computer started doing this. I've gotten It on twice in last day after I ran Registry thing, and everything worked fine till It was turned Off or went to sleep.

    Not sure if using Keyboard is gonna help: the lights that come on on it and mouse aren't even lighting up.

    A problem I've been having is Computer getting stuck (When Starting Up) on HP Loading screen BEFORE the rotating loading circle even shows up. If that thing shows up, I know its gonna Start Up good.[Of Course, Now that screen not even starting]

    I have Flat Screen Monitor from previous Computer(2008). So not LCD or HD or anything like that. It's model HP w2007. Never had a problem with it and Yellow Power Light is on, so I know it's working.(Turns Blue when its getting signal from Computer) Cords fine as well

    What's 'Suspend Key' ? I usually just hit Enter or the mouse to wake up from SLEEP MODE.

    Funny thing, I noticed before this happened if I have my WD My Passport Ultra External HDD [which I use to backup everything on CPU]plugged into USB port that the Loading Screen would show Circle Loading thingy more Often and start.

    That got me to thinking that it could be the WD Software thats causing the sleep and Start Up issues. I've done several Clean Boots, disabling Services and Startup Items(Besides Microsoft ones) and performing the Clean Boot, it always started up fine. Tried to isolate which Item or Service was causing it 5 at a time, but eventually gave up when all the items were ones I needed to use

    Apparently there are some people having Power issue with Windows 10 on HP Pavilion. [We have HP Envy now] in Microsoft Community Forums

    I tried WINDOWS Built-in Power Troubleshooter a few months ago also.

    Well, turning it on and pressing F10 didn't do anything. Seems like it's not asleep and not awake. I found when I turn it on, if I press and hold the POWER button about 5 seconds, it will turn back Off. That's about all it'll let me do. Doesn't show it shutting down or anything like that on Screen. Just OFF
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