Automatic 17 January 2017 Windows updates from Microsoft caused the following:
1) system unusable i.e can not use it at all
2) workstation does not boot anymore with power off/on
3) reset does not help - system ends up looping forever!
4) can't get into safe mode anymore!

5) right after it started to update Windows update software advertised new features it has
6) first time it did start as usually with my system having two monitors managed by NVIDIA drivers i.e non Microft and networked with non Microsoft drivers:
a) I got one monitor with poorest miserable resolution run by new Microsoft drivers!
b) I was offline with new Microsoft drivers
7) I replaced miserable Microsot display drivers with NVidia drivers which worked before MS drivers!
8) I replaced offline only providing MS drivers with non Microsoft drivers which worked before update
9) restarted - system loops with famous round circle
10) reset - system loops forever
11) power off and then on - system loops forever
12) tried to get into safe mode with F8 and also by pressing Win button and R very long time - system loops forever

First update failing totally, previous Windows update bugs I have been able to fix some how as follows:
a) offline: replace MS non working drivers
b) one monitor: replaced MS display drivers with NVIdia
c) can't start: used restore point

Thanks in advance for any tips!