i dont know much about programing so please give answers like your giving to a caveman lol

problem last night the laptop restarted and i could only acess the apps menu and couldnt swap back to the desktop window so i recovered back to build 10074
and now have the current issues
1. the windows icon on bottom left has no left click function and on the right click the serch menu doesnt work
2. the window store icon opens for 1/2 a second and immediatly closes
3. google chrome wouldnt open (class not registered)(now solved by deleting a reg file)
4. cannot type into cortana search and no right or left click

cant update windows to any other builds cant select fast or slow.
can only find the windows 10 settings for updates by the run. wuapp
no malware or virius found
any ideas ???

thanks in advance and very sorry if this been covered but couldnt find anything like this