Can't delete Desktop Icons with a right click

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  1.    12 Jan 2017 #1

    Can't delete Desktop Icons with a right click

    Instead, I have to use the Delete button. Is this normal?
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  2.    12 Jan 2017 #2

    You forgot to provide a meaningful description of the problem. What exactly happens when you right-click your desktop icons?
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  3.    13 Jan 2017 #3


    You mean that you have to highlite an icon on the Desktop, and then use the Delete button on the keyboard to get rid of it?

    Right-clicking an icon on the Desktop does not produce a context menu with a Delete option?
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  4.    13 Jan 2017 #4

    The context menu shows up and I click on Delete. The little circle goes around and around for a minute of so - thendisappears znd I'm left with the Desktop again. I believe the context menu isn't working at all. I tried Rename File and the same thing happens.
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  5.    13 Jan 2017 #5


    The right-click problem is sometimes caused by third party extensions on context menus.

    Please download ShellExView (a Shell Extensions Manager by NirSoft):
    ShellExView - Shell Extension Manager For Windows
    (Scroll down to about bottom of page for downloads. No need to install.

    Save to the Desktop
    Right click program (if you can), and select: Run as Administrator
    On ShellExView console, select: Options
    Click: Filter by Extension Type
    Select: Context Menu

    On the list shown, the items having a pink background are entries installed by 3rd party software.
    Press and hold the CTRL key and then click on all the entries having a pink background.
    On the left corner, click the red button to Disable them.

    Go back under Options, and select: Restart Explorer

    WARNING: During the above steps, you may lose your Desktop after disabling items. If so, press Ctrl-Alt-Del for Task Manager to show.
    Select the File tab > Run new task and type in: explorer.exe
    Click: OK for the Desktop to appear.

    When back at the Desktop, use right-click and see if the problem is gone.
    If so, start enabling the 3rd party extensions one by one, and try to use the right-click after enabling each extension.
    If the right click problem occurs after enabling an extension, you have the culprit.
    Disable it, or, uninstall its software if necessary.
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  6.    13 Jan 2017 #6

    OK, I am running ShellExView and I have quite a few pink entries. After I disable them, how do I know which ones to re-enable if they're not pink anymore?

    OK, disabled all the pink entries and restarted explorer.exe. Then, tried to delete a Desktop item. The context menu is there - but, when I clicked on Delete, I momentarily lost my Desktop. When it reappeared, the item I tried to delete was still there.

    I have another problem which I failed to mention - but may be related to the Delete-Desktop issue: When I rename a folder or file, the new name doesn't appear until I close the window it's in - then reopen it. When I try to create a new folder, I can't see the new folder open up so I can name it. I have to close the Window - then reopen it to see the new window. Then, the name of the folder is "New Folder." This happens in any sub folder - not just the Desktop.
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  7.    13 Jan 2017 #7


    Can you start the computer in Safe Mode?

    Be aware that when you boot into Safe Mode, you are only able to sign in with your password!

    Use the Shift key and Restart combination as follows:
    Open the Start menu (white window on left) to reveal the Power button.
    Press the Shift key, and while doing so, click the Restart option of the Power button.
    Windows 10 reboots and shows a window with Choose an option.
    Select: Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings

    In Startup Settings select: Restart
    On the next window, press the F4 key on the keyboard to select Safe Mode

    Can you use the context menu and use the Delete option?

    If no-go, you can also perform a System Restore if you have System Restore enabled, and there is a Restore Point before this issue happened.
    Right click on Start > Command Prompt (Admin)
    At the Command Prompt, type in rstrui.exe and press Enter.

    System Restore opens, and you can select a Restore Point (if available).
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  8.    13 Jan 2017 #8

    Yes, the Context Menu and Delete work in Safe Mode. NOTE: I don't have a restore point new enough to correct this problem. What will be my next step? Thank you!
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  9.    13 Jan 2017 #9

    Hmmmm...if it works in Safe Mode, that takes us back to checking 3rd party extensions.
    Also aside from the extension, we can look into the Graphics adapter driver.

    Let's do the following...

    Go to Device Manager (use the Ask me anything area), and expand the entry for: Display adapters
    Make a note of what it says!

    Right-click on the display adapter and elect: Disable
    Restart the computer and make sure the adapter is enabled.

    Now, check the context menu issue and see if this helped.

    If not, please download SystemLook for your system architecture (32 or 64 Bit), from one of the links below and save to the Desktop.

    32 bit:
    64 bit:

    Please right-click (if you can) the downloaded file and select: Run as Administartor
    Double-click SystemLook.exe to run it.

    At the SystemLook interface, in the blank square area, Copy and Paste the content of the following code box:
    Now, click the Look button to start a scan.

    When finished, a notepad window opens with the results.

    Please provide the SystemLook-Notepad report in your reply.

    Note: The scan may take a while depending on the number of files in the system and how fast your computer can perform the task.
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  10.    13 Jan 2017 #10

    Nothing has worked so far so I've included the SystemLook txt file.

    In the Device Manager, these two adapters were listed:
    Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
    NVIDIA Quadro K4100M

    Thanks for staying with me. Got to get some shuteye............
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