I connect to the directory of another computer in my office by mapping that directory to my computer (sorry if this is not the proper way to explain this). That works fine. I can access the directory and open folders and files with no problems. I can drag folders from my desktop to the mapped directory with no issues. Also, I can create and rename folders on my own desktop without issue.

However, sometimes I need to add a folder (right click - new - folder) or rename a folder (right click - rename). For the last few months, when I try to do that, Windows Explorer will crash and restart. I will get the spinning blue circle and when I click on the X to close the folder dialogue box, it will turn red. It takes a couple of clicks to close the box but at the same time Windows Explorer will restart. It is really getting old.

Anyone have any ideas on how to remedy this? I keep hoping one of these Windows Updates will fix this, but so far no luck. I do believe one of the updates in the fall created this problem but I have no proof.

Anyway, thanks for any ideas.