Windows 10: Disable desktop.ini Creation When Moving Pictures From A Search Result

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  1.    11 Jan 2017 #1

    Disable desktop.ini Creation When Moving Pictures From A Search Result

    Hi, first, I want you to try an example of what I am talking about, then see if you know how to fix this problem on your end.

    Right click on your Desktop and create a new folder. Inside that folder, right click New > Bitmap image. Do the same thing to create 3 more new Bitmap images. Also, right click and create a new folder. (So now you have a total of 5 items: Four empty Bitmap Images, and One folder. In the search bar above, type: Bitmap Image
    You will now see the result of the four Bitmap Images. Highlight all of them > Right Click > Cut, press the Back button on File Explorer, open the folder that you see listed above before the images > Right Click > Paste.
    Once you do that, a desktop.ini file gets created. How can I avoid that from getting created?
    (Note: There are certain projects where I do this process a lot for, and don't want to delete the desktop.ini folders individually, or by doing a search and deleting them, because I need to preserve certain folders' Date Modified.)

    I was able to somehow fix this in Windows 8.1, but cannot remember/figure out how to do it again.
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       11 Jan 2017 #2

    desktop.ini should be a hidden, system file that you don't see unless you have Hide protected operating system files unchecked.
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  3.    11 Jan 2017 #3

    Yes. I have unhidden all files on the computer.
    The folders that I move the images to must explicitly Only have the images, and no other file in there (hidden or not).
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  4.    16 Jan 2017 #4

    There's certain projects that I do that involve this process. It's really annoying how this now happens.
    If this helps, here's an example of what the desktop.ini file looks like:



    This didn't use to happen. I don't understand why adding annoying features makes the customer happy? Am I in the right world?
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       17 Jan 2017 #5

    All I can think of is to automate the move and include deleting the ini file as part of the process. I know of no way to prevent it f4rom happening.
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  6.    14 Jun 2017 #6

    Can anyone please help me figure this one out?

    Is there a Group Policy setting that can disable the desktop.ini creation?

    Can you help me look for a solution online?
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       15 Jun 2017 #7

    There is no way to disable the creation of desktop.ini that I'm aware of. Maybe someone else here can help.

    I don't understand why you have to show protected system files. If you check that, the problem goes away.
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  8.    15 Jun 2017 #8

    You right. If I did that method, it would fix the problem. But there is a rule that the folders are only supposed to contain certain files, nothing more.

    Yesterday I tried out the app called: Everything
    It seems to be an alternate method other than File Explorer to find files and move them to a folder, without the desktop.ini to be created.
    I'm going to try this method out for a while.
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       15 Jun 2017 #9

    But there is a rule that the folders are only supposed to contain certain files, nothing more.
    There is no such rule. There is a wish by users like yourself, yes but no system wide rule. The OS creates the files it needs or wants.

    Everything is just a search program. Anything you do with it uses the functions and abilities of the operating system. Maybe getting out from under File Explorer will do the trick though. Please let me know how it goes.
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  10.    15 Jun 2017 #10

    You right. No such rule, but only a rule I've made for those folders that they are intended for only the specific files I put in there, without the creation of any hidden/non-hidden files. You're completely correct that there's no computer rule for that; just a personal preference/rule that I have.

    Yes, Everything is a search program that I started using instead of File Explorer whenever doing these tasks, because whenever I move the search result of pictures into a folder, within that app, the desktop.ini does not get created. So far, so good. I will do it this way I guess.
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