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My laptop keyboard is completely non-functional. It completely unresponsive since that family memeber cleaned it with wrong spray, and it wasn't typing apostrophe's from the start. It was only a month after we replaced the keyboard that the apostrophe thing happened. I don't know if it can be fixed, And I don't think it's even the problem, but what kind of shop do you want me to go to to get it replaced, if that's what I need to do?
By replaced, do you mean you replaced it with a new laptop keyboard or a usb keyboard?

The reason I think its the laptop keyboard is becuase the apostrophe's are still being typed even with the usb keyboard unplugged. From my knowledge there is no way that the apostrophe can be typed by a program, unless its something like a voice recogniser.

Even though the laptop keyboard appears un-responsive it is likely that it is still connected internally. This probably means its the actual hardware of the keyboard and needs to be physcially unplugged from the motherboard (inside the laptop).

You could try a computer repair store that specialises in replacing specific parts (e.g touchpads, speakers, screens etc...) For me in New Zealand, I go to Harvey Norman who has their own seperate computer repair store. So you could try the store where you brought it from...

I suppose it could be a program that has a command to repeadly type apostrophes, but I find this very hard to believe as it happens at the login screen where most programs start up after the user has logged in.

Its a bit hard for me to help any further since I believe its more of a hardware problem and we can't get past the login screen. I'm open to any suggestions that other members on this forum might have.