Windows 10: Win 10 - Continuing Saga of Win 10 Unreliability Solved

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       10 Jan 2017 #11

    alphanumeric said: View Post
    To disabling Windows Fast Startup / hibernation etc. At least as a test. IMHO, if your running an SSD, Windows Fast Startup isn't needed and won't gain you much anyway.
    Ditto! Most of my problems stem from Hibernation and Sleep so they are among the first of things to get disabled as well as disabling other power features that automatically turn things off such as USB ports.

    I'm running Win10 RTM on a month-old computer along with 6-year-old and 7-year-old Gigabyte motherboards, no worse problems than on previous versions of Windows except I never had a new Vista machine but have worked on them for other folks, still think Windows ME on non-OEM computers was the worst after MS-DOS 4.
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       10 Jan 2017 #12

    Yesterday was a Bad day, totally ruined my schedule, however once drive was removed, chkdsk /Fixed, and replaced, all was operating ok, it even completed it's scheduled tasks (datacollection) last nite. Plus that new box isn't my Primary workstation, and I've got higher priority work do...

    Possible memory, cables, disable FastStart - all good suggestions, as time allows.
    Gotta go, yesterday put me off schedule, duty calls, Later...
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       11 Jan 2017 #13

    Oops... Win 10 DEAD! AGAIN! this morn.... the Win 10 machine was found this morn totally unresponsive with the little blu/greenie circle spinning and totally unresponsive to any input - frozen - no nothin except the disk light blinking about every 2 seconds or so...
    I left it that way for bout a hr, then what ya gonna do? Power off/ on - No Bootie, dropped in the Win cd booted up to repair, no repair except repeated attempts to reboot which ended up bring up the BIOS settings --- Oops Just Totally Wacked!!!
    Did the ole remove the drive and attached in another box which immediately comes up with Scan this disk?, OK, it got fixed, replaced in the win 10 box, the win 10 box starts to boot up and immediately goes to the DO Not Turn your computer Off - Updates in Progress screen - completes and boots up completely! Yea, at least it started..
    But, there ya have it - Not Ready for Prime Time Win 10!!!! (just needs to be hand carried home after Update!!!)

    I do appreciate responses/suggestions about hardware, cables, BIOS, SSD's, etc... they're valid considerations and I've checked em out with diagnostics and tests - however ya cant overlook the obvious - Windows 10!

    Perhaps the best solution to test and prove the reliability/stability of my hardware - Put some other OS's on it! - See how the hardware works...
    I've got Win 7, Ubuntu and SUSE Enterprise Desktop install cd's around, think I'll throw on SUSE (with a 60 day free trial with updates).
    Ubuntu's Good! (will stress your hardware, lots a packages!) , but I like Suse for Biz/Enterprize (production mission critical[$$$} work)
    (and Hey, If Win 10 cant handle major name SSD's - That's a Win 10 Problem! - I've got 3 of em ( 2 intel's 1 Samsung), they're the BEST Single Performance gain for computers in 20 yrs! and I've never had a problem with em at all (or worn one out yet) - If ya think SSD's boot fast, put a good sized database on one - Lighting Wowsa/Absolutely Unbelievable! )
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       11 Jan 2017 #14

    Hear ya. Did you shut off hibernation? Takes two seconds, command prompt(admin) powercfg -h off

    When you get 10 back I would also run update trouble shooter. Obviously what you are seeing in not right.

    Type troubleshooting in the Cortana search bar, troubleshooting appears at top. Click it, window opens, lower right side"Fix problems with Windows Update", click, window opens, click on “advance”, click on Run as administrator, click “Next”.
    Should run clean. If not run again.
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  5.    11 Jan 2017 #15

    RPLewis said: View Post
    however ya cant overlook the obvious - Windows 10!
    Again, it shouldn't have to be said, but Windows 10 is definitely ready for the prime time. If it had the issues you say, none of us would be able to run it properly, and I certainly wouldn't have it rolled out to 80 or so computers and counting.

    Given your posts in this thread, you are clearly smart enough and have the understanding to know the issue lies elsewhere. Glad to see you address this the next paragraph. There's something unique to your system causing the issue, and the more time spent just assuming Windows 10 isn't finished is time not spent on the solution. Stress testing is an excellent idea.

    I also think it is interesting that you can't repair the drive in this same computer. That alone tells me you have something going on with the configuration or stability. I have installed Windows 10 on dozens of various SSDs, from old Crucial C300s to brand new Samsungs in our Dell Latitudes.. Not one issue at all.
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    DeaconFrost said: View Post
    Given your posts in this thread, you are clearly smart enough and have the understanding to know the issue lies elsewhere. ... There's something unique to your system causing the issue, and the more time spent just assuming Windows 10 isn't finished is time not spent on the solution.
    Maybe that is the problem, OP is too skilled, doing stuff most users would not even think about and that is breaking it. 10 is too sensitive, it has many dependencies, which might seem unrelated, but changing settings might break it.
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       11 Jan 2017 #17

    Another voice with no suggestions is probably not needed, but that never stopped me before, so ...

    I, too, am not a big fan of (my installations of) Win10 and have fairly regular hangups of one sort or another. But many Win10 users, including many on this forum, do not have my problems. Probably nobody has these problems. There is something in my hardware or software environment that Win10 does not like. Yes, it's frustrating. But Microsoft cannot possibly test Windows in every environment in the universe.

    If none of the suggestions in this thread help you, perhaps you should report your problem to Microsoft. If you are very, very lucky they might find your problem.

    More realistically, someone on this forum may help you identify the cause of your problem. But that is likely to happen only if you accept that it is Win10 in your environment, not Win10 in general, causing you grief.
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       12 Jan 2017 #18

    Microsoft does try to test every system using Windows Error Reporting - part of the telemetry set-up of Windows 10. Whether they provide a solution depends on the statistical sample size, and common factors among the population of problem computers that can report their problems back.

    Those in most need of a solution probably are the same paranoid users who try to turn off all aspects of their systems that report back to Microsoft!

    If you get stopcodes (BSODs, RSODs, GSODs etc.), data from these will generally feed back into the WER system. If you get freezes, unwakeable sleep states and apparently random reboots, the user needs to escalate support by offering feedback themselves, else their problem will remain hidden.

    Members with loads of experience on forums like TF, get to resolve many of these problems when the users cooperate with the requests for information, and with a genuine wish to resolve their particular situation by being open to try out suggestions, rather than just rubbishing the OS as the single cause of their trouble.

    Those who just want to rant usually get there in the end due to the incredible zen of the members and gurus here who cannot let go of a problem until they have wrestled it into submission. It can take longer that way, but can also be quite entertaining, as the ranter is tamed into compliance, and the problem is exorcised with chants of "update your chipset and storage drivers" and the like.

    I love the comment by @DeaconFrost "Stress testing is an excellent idea." - by which I assume that the acolyte is being kindly encouraged to take the path of ****x which will lead nowhere but eventually return back to the warm, safe, folds of Windows 10, chastened, but with a renewed joy at being back from the wilderness, where no business critical work is really being done, unless it is server-side, non-PC, or priestly work by the dedicated servants of GNU, Google and the like. There's nothing that cheers an old man up, as much as the return of a prodigal son.
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  9.    12 Jan 2017 #19

    I would like to add thoughts on your systems - Have you matched your ram & hard drive using the Manufactuers "QVL" list of tested working compatable parts as may a case of parts not guaranteed to work correctly ?

    Also: In the user manual for your motherboard have you placed the ram into the correct slots as per manual & used identical make / model & size of ram ?
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       12 Jan 2017 #20

    Well, Thank you all for some of the flattering comments like ďsmart enough and/or perhaps too skilledĒ. Letís just say Iím not a dummy and a reasonably skilled, successful software engineer/developer, even simpler, a computer Programmer, a .Net Web Developer/DBA Programmer.

    ďDoing stuff most users would not even think about and that is breaking it. 10 is too sensitiveĒ - Now that is Right on!, Exactly, How many people in this forumís audience ďMUSTĒ have IIS, SqlServer, and multiple versions of Visual Studio and .net Frameworks on their daily workstation just to do their job? That is a well above average workstation requirement! In Corp IT, Systems and Pgming areas, a pretty strong, reliable, versatile box is definitely needed.

    ďit is interesting that you can't repair the drive in this same computer.Ē Ė Yea! Thatís a Real Problem!
    And my Biggest Single reason for saying Win 10 ainít ready for prime time, and Busted!.
    Backup and recovery was the first thing i tested with win 10. Iíve tested it a couple of times, and on different machines. Iíve never gotten it to work (and Win 7 does).
    The very first time I installed Win 10, I installed the OS, set computer name, workgroup, made sure it connected, could see and was seen by the LAN, and installed Office. Next thing, Set up Backup and Restore, and did a create system image backup to the NAS - All completed successfully Ė OK( I liked it). So, I go a make a couple docís, test word & excel, played around and all ok. Then, next thing, I shutdown, dropped in the Win 10 CD, booted up from the cd, selected repair (rather than install), selected recover from sys image. Allís doin ok , it canít find or see the network which isnít unusual for some machines[didnít wanta experiment tryin to load network drivers from CD repair recovery], so I just go to another machine and copy the good sys image from the NAS to an external 2T WD Passport, go back to the win 10 machine, plug in the Passport, try it again, it sees the local Passport, finds and starts up the recovery, runs about a minute and pops up an err msg, Recovery Failed, sometin like Invalid image for this system? What??? I just made this system image from this system! Iíve tried this on a couple Win 10 machines, even with an external plugged in locally when I made the backup recovery image Ė Never been successful, Hmm, OK, Iím either doing something wrong or Win 10ís Just Busted outa the box!
    Have you or anyone here actually ever gotten this Backup and Recovery from system image to work? If so, Please sign me up for lessons and Iím buyin Lunch!
    No Sys recovery is a show stopper for Win 10 in my department! Only Execís and Sales have Win 10 machines and/or Surfaces where I workÖ

    This thread is getting too long, Iím gonna mark it as solved.
    At this time, going entirely to Win 10 for IT, Sys & Pgming work requiring both System LifeCycle Maintenance and New Systems Development seams overly troublesome.
    SaaS(Software as a Service) and Cloud Services are definitely in Vogue, Time will Tell.
    Iíll get back in another thread, LaterÖ
    Last edited by RPLewis; 12 Jan 2017 at 12:58.
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