For the past couple weeks I have been experiencing a malfunction with my work laptop. It recently came back from RMA due to some hardware issues. The motherboard and hard drive were replaced (it is an MSI 2QD Dominator G, if that is relevant). I have reinstalled the OS a few times trying to troubleshoot this, and have narrowed it down quite a bit, but feel that it is still out of my current skillset to definitively identify and fix the problem.

The actual malfunction is that my laptop will shut off completely as if I held down the power button (I have seen it restart on a couple of occasions, but normally just shuts off). This happens shortly after the login screen is presented anywhere from 15-45 seconds.

I have found 2 triggers for this malfunction, one being the steelseries 2 driver that is for the lights on the keyboard, which is a manual install after the OS install from MSI's website. I have been on the phone with them several times, so I am certain I am installing the correct one. During my troubleshooting I downloaded each driver individually and restarted my laptop between each install. In this particular malfunction the laptop doesn't start shutting down on its own until after the restart. I can put the computer in safe mode, uninstall the driver and it goes back to working properly. I can live without this driver, its not a big deal, but I feel like there is an underlying issue that needs addressed as opposed to just not installing the driver.

The second trigger for this issue is during a server admin activation for a program called Security Center. This on the other hand is integral to my job and I cannot go without it. I have put it in safe mode to troubleshoot it to the best of my mediocre ability and it seems that 'Security Center' itself is not the issue. Since I couldn't uninstall it in safe mode I disabled all automatic instances of it, but the problem persisted. So I then disabled all automatic instances of SQLServerExpress which is a corresponding install and I was able to boot the laptop normally with no issue. You might note that unlike the steelseries driver malfunction which happens after restart, this issue causes the laptop to shut off almost immediately after the activation, no restart required. I imagine that may be a moot point, but if its relevant to any of you, then it was worth the extra time it took to write down.

I tried to make sense out of the event viewer, but I just don't have enough experience with it to tell what errors are significant.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.