Shift key doesn't always work

  1.    08 Jan 2017 #1

    Shift key doesn't always work

    So this issue only happens intermittently and there is no rhyme or reason for it [say, works after a reboot then goes out after awhile], it's completely random, as you can see, I was able to capitalize the beginning of this sentence, and the "I" awhile back, and it's working now, but wasn't when i tried to add in parenthesis earlier. \


    so, for example, you can see I was holding shift that whole time and it went out on it's own for a bit there in the middle.

    so, loose cable maybe?

    i've checked the region
    I've uninstalled the drivers
    i've checked sticky keys

    When it goes, it's both, even though i only really use the left one.

    Computer is an Asusf555L laptop running windows 10

    TBh, it's usually a lot worse than this, in that it's totally out... this message it has been in and out more than usual. But that is good as it illustrates my point. Going to just do some random testing at the end of this message. Sorry if it just comes off as gibberish.

    DddddddddddddddddddddddddDddddddddddddddddddddDddddddddddddd (here it only capitalized the first d of a hold... ie, when I released and repressed I got a cap again)
    FfffffffffffffffGgggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhjfddddddddddFffffffffffffffffffffffffGgggggggggggggggg ghhhhhhhhhh

    Idk man
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    Welcome to the TenForums.

    Do you have access to usb keyboard you can try?

    Doesn't sound like driver but uninstalling and then using mouse to reboot windows should re-install. Create a restore point before trying.

    First I'm just asking.... Have you ever accidentally split anything into keyboard.

    While not as simple as it could be, you can find videos on how to disassemble your model. Maybe reseat cables. Watch static this time of year, its a killer. Cables are delicate and your need to release them carefully. This step is not for everyone, try only if you feel very comfortable taking things apart. Could be a lot of pieces.

    It sounds like your keyboard is failing. Good news is they are replaceable. USB keyboard will be a good test. If you don't have try a friend. If problem moves to USB keyboard then we need another solution.
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    No USB keyboard. the onscreen one works okay. that's what i use in a pinch if i really need a questionmark or an 2222222222222222222222222222222222 at symbol.

    I tried the drivers already. No go. I agree that taking it apart and checking connections is the logical next step. I've done it before with past laptops. I do what you suggested in watching someone else on youtube do it first so I know where the tricky screws and cables are first. Blah
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    Your laptop keyboard is failing.
    You can purchase a new keyboard from Ebay
    There are YouTube videos that show you how to replace the keyboard.
    Till then you can use the onscreen keyboard or a USB keyboard.
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  5.    10 Jan 2017 #5

    why only those two buttons/
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    Keyboards were originally designed using individual switches under each key, These are still available but are quite expensive so tend to be used by gamers as they have a better "feel", and take the wear of gaming better.

    Modern keyboards now use a matrix of "wires", (actually a web of connections on flexible circuit boards), the keyboard's internal processor takes the signals from the matrix and decides which Key Code to send to the OS.

    Over time the connections on the matrix can wear so that they do not make the proper connection, or maybe even any connection at all. This can cause either the wrong code or no code at all to be sent to the OS - these type of keyboards are such that a repair is not economic .

    This will eventually happen to a Switch based keyboard but this will take a lot longer often years longer, and it may be possible to replace the key switch when it fails
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