Windows 10: Need to redirect "C:\Users\Dave\Documents" to "D:\doher\Documents" Solved

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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit Going to Win 10
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    Need to redirect "C:\Users\Dave\Documents" to "D:\doher\Documents"

    When I did a new install of Windows 10, my user name changed from 'Dave' (in Windows 7) to 'doher' (in Windows 10). At the time I was not happy about it, but too many things eventually tied to the new name I just decided to stick with it.

    In Win 7, my documents were in C:\Users\Dave\Documents and I have links within many MS Word and Excel documents all over the place that point to other documents or folders. For example, in the document with this path:
    D:\doher\Documents\finance\budget.docx I could have (in Word terms) a 'hyperlink' (that I made during the Win 7 days) that points to C:\Users\Dave\Documents\finance\budget-details.docx

    What I've been doing up to now is editing the hyperlink and replacing "C:\Users\Dave\Documents" with "D:\doher\Documents" at the beginning of the hyperlink "address" - the link then works again.

    I thought I could avoid this if I just had some sort of redirect. Since "C:\Users\Dave" does not exist in Win 10, why can't I just have a hard link (or something) so that all references to "C:\Users\Dave\Documents" point to "D:\doher\Documents"?

    In researching this, I saw things about the location tab... I created a C:\Users\Dave\Documents and did properties on Documents - but there was no location tab to do a redirect.

    If anyone has a solution to this that would be great!

    Also, if anyone has a smarter way of doing this (referencing other files within files) that would be great too. I realize this would (probably) be hung overhead, but too bad there is not a way to scan all the documents, look for broken links and have a way to do a mass change. Or even better if I rename a file, all the links to it get updated.

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    I'm pretty sure you could use the "Mklink" command to achieve what you need. I used it some while ago in Win 7 to redirect "My Documents" to a folder on my NAS when Windows wouldn't allow me to include the folder in my Windows Library. Can't honestly remember the precise method now, but I seem to recall it involved using an elevated Command prompt to create a dummy folder that directed Windows to the folder on my NAS.

    No doubt one of the resident experts here will be able to confirm if this is the way to go, and to perhaps provide more explicit instructions, otherwise it may be worthwhile Googling "Mklink" to see what that throws up.


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    I may be missing something, but why does it need to be redirected? I've always wondered this. I usually store my documents on a D partition, but I have nothing redirected. Works fine for me. I think for Windows 7, I used to add the locations to Libraries, but I haven't done so with Windows 10.
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    The "redirect" most likely is for programs to see the new location. I use D:\Documents and D:\Downloads, no user name involved. My Firefox downloads all go to the D: partition. This is a new computer with 150GB C: and 701GB D: partitions [not my favorite partitioning scheme but it works for now].
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    In my cae, a re-direct was needed as Windows 7 would not accept a network folder for "My Documents". I therefore used Mklink to redirect from the old folder location on my "D" drive, to my NAS. In the case of the OP, I believe he is looking for a redirect to avoid having to change all the hard coded links in his various documents.

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    Teflon said: View Post
    ... In the case of the OP, I believe he is looking for a redirect to avoid having to change all the hard coded links in his various documents.
    Exactly, and I did use mklink as you suggested. The links now work in my documents without haveing to edit them. So far, no downside.
    -- Thanks for the help.

    This is what I used:

    C:\>mklink /J C:\Users\Dave\Documents D:\doher\Documents
    Junction created for C:\Users\Dave\Documents <<===>> D:\doher\Documents
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    Your welcome, glad it worked. :)

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