Not impressed with Build 10130
I logged into that drive a few days ago and like always I check to see if any updates are available. There were 3 there and was already started to download. I can't remember what the KB files were but anyways they downloaded and installed no problem and then required a restart.
That's when the problem started. It would not start so I got the option to reset, troubleshoot etc screen. I first tried the fix option but that didn't work so then after trying other options I finally decided to go back to previous version. ...that didn't work.
I come to realize that MS never changed much. 1% of the time I can get any option to work in Windows ( I am talking about any version even back to windows 98 lol). I am sure many have experienced that lol 99% of the time we always have to do a clean install of any windows
I am sooo afraid when the time comes to upgrade my Windows 8.1 and my wife's laptop with Windows 7

Finally I figured it may be the SSD drive so I installed it on a 250gb sata drive. Nothing plugged in but the one drive for a clean install of 10130. It installed fine and now the updates are stuck at 70% for 1/2 hr with many downloading and others waiting to install but none installing. Guess I will have to be patient and try to finish those another time before the next build come along..
I read here that some were having problems with this build. I didn't until the other day. All seemed to be working fine until then
The programs and games I installed on the SSD are lost now cause it seems Windows 10 don't want to boot that one.
The SSD drive worked fine all along with all the other builds.
Just wanted to rant a bit considering I planned to install more programs to test the other day and now all this and back to square one
Hope you all had a better weekend than me :)