I have a Windows 10 computer (Latest stable build) and a Nokia Lumia 640 with the latest stable build of Windows 10. Both are fully updated, and I'm logging on to both using the same Microsoft account.

The calendars and email are syncing OK, but not notifications.

I have "Get Notifications from this PC on my Phone" set to On, and "Upload Notifications from this PC to the Cloud" switched on", and I have the corresponding settings on my phone set as well, but absolutely no notifications at all go either way.

I tried looking up how to "disable" notification sharing, to see if there was anything in there that might help me reverse engineer my problem (How to disable synced notifications between your Windows 10 phone and PC | Windows Central),
and I noticed that on this image (https://www.windowscentral.com/sites...?itok=Qpw1nSgt) the phone is named under My Devices. But It isn't on my PC.

Is this likely to be the cause of my problems?