Windows 10: Windows 10 Home: Extremely Long Boot Times & Sometimes Not At All

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  1.    23 Jan 2017 #21

    I did a clean install following Brink's Windows 10 Clean Install link and doing a Installing Windows 10 with UEFI and starting with a full drive as unallocated space.
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  2.    25 Jan 2017 #22

    Well in other news and against my better judgement, I followed Sony's suggestion and took my PC to the Geek Squad to have them try install a DDR3 2x8GB PNY kit and as per my own experience with installing an Atech, Corsair, and Crucial brand memory modules, they too encountered the same results of a boot-loop and never making it to the login screen. And to top it off they called me up to say that even when they installed the old ram, it too would now go into a boot-loop and said the motherboard and/or processor is probably bad. However, when I got the unit home and popped off the cover, I found that the original memory modules were installed into the wrong slots. I switched them around and turned it on and the unit booted up (of course after the usual 30-40 mins of black screen). Anyway, I thought sharing this little experience might be informative.
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  3.    25 Jan 2017 #23

    If they charged you I would take it back to them and speak with a supervisor and point out that the modules were not placed in the correct order and they didn't fix anything.
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       26 Jan 2017 #24

    My laptop had (yes: HAD ) the same problem.

    Mostly when coming out of 'sleepstate' but sometimes also at normal start-up. It drove me nuts!

    Today I investigated the ways Windows handles those power-up states and I came across the following topic on the forum:

    I first experimented with disabling the 'fast-start' option and to my surprise it seemed to help. A bit.
    This made me think.
    What if something is wrong with that hiberfil.sys file? scattered all over and/or corrupted and/or using a bad spot on disc?

    The next topic I read was:
    Hiberfile Type - Specify as Full or Reduced in Windows 10

    What I did next was:
    1. In powershell: powercfg /h off -> this caused the hiberfil.sys file to be removed (it can be found in the root of C: )
    2. In my case hiberfil.sys was 3,3GB big (40% of 8GB memory), so in order to prevent that a new hiberfil.sys file would be created in the same empty spot I copied a large 3G file to c: and after that copy I continued with:
    3. In powershell: powercfg /h full followed by
    4. In powershell: powercfg /h on.

    A new hiberfil.sys was the result and from this point onward I can power-of or enter sleepmode (with lots of running applications) it makes no difference.
    start-up is FAST again! but I'm keeping my fingers crossed of course.....

    Good luck and I hope it helps.
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  5.    29 Jan 2017 #25

    Thanks for the suggestion but this didn't work. And for completing step 3 and 4 I had to reverse them and perform step 4 1st and then step 3 next. I don't know if going out of order makes a difference but the two times I'd try to do step 3, it came back with a message saying my only options were On or Off.

    And just for clarification on Step 2 what kind of file did you place in the c root to take up the hiberfile space? A video file? That's what I did, specifically Back to the Future, with a little bit of wishful thinking that it would take my system back in time to a point when it was working.
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       30 Jan 2017 #26

    That you were forced to do step 4 first and then step 3 might have something to do with the fact that I experimented with using 'the fast-start only' option before I did the steps 1 through 4.

    This means of course that I did issue the command 'powercfg /h reduced' and I now realize that this command reduced the hiperfil.sys size from 40 to approx. 20% of the total memory. It is very well possible that you only can do step 3 first when this step causes the size of the hiperfil.sys to change. I now 'know' that that value is stored somewhere because when I did step 3 I got a response telling me that the size of the hiperfil.sys file was set to 3.3(and some) GB.
    In my case it changed back from 20% to 40%

    One more thing. Not long before I started my hiperfil.sys ' experiment' I did at least 2 intensive defrag runs on drive C so there were no little or big gaps of available space when the large hiperfil.sys was created. Maybe this is also (very?) important?
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