Windows 10: Windows 10 Home: Extremely Long Boot Times & Sometimes Not At All

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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1803
       31 Dec 2016 #11

    Great. So after you reset CMOS did it boot normally.

    Could I ask what boot order do you have set up in BIOS?
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  2.    31 Dec 2016 #12

    "Initially" it did at 5-7m boot time, but when I began my msconfig boot tests, I started experiencing subsequent longer boot/re-boot times. Given everything I've tried above, the only thing left I could think was a corupted UEFI data table. But removing the CMOS battery would have reset this table correct?

    I had it set to external device, CD/DVD, and then hard-drive for Memtest86+ and then went back to hard-drive, CD/DVD, and turned off boot from external device.
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  3.    31 Dec 2016 #13

    Have you tried booting with the USB drives disconnected?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1803
       01 Jan 2017 #14

    I like the idea of disconnecting external USB drives but I'm going to go a step further. If it ain't needed disconnect and remove it.

    Disconnect Optical drive, remove all memory except one stick, (locate it in slot required for one stick), if you have onboard graphics use them and removed Nvidia card. Have only one HDD/SDD connected. If possible use wired keyboard.
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  5.    01 Jan 2017 #15

    Caledon Ken said: View Post
    I like the idea of disconnecting external USB drives but I'm going to go a step further. If it ain't needed disconnect and remove it.

    Disconnect Optical drive, remove all memory except one stick, (locate it in slot required for one stick), if you have onboard graphics use them and removed Nvidia card. Have only one HDD/SDD connected. If possible use wired keyboard.
    I just thought of one more step to add to your list. To the OP, If you get this fixed post back with the solution that worked. This could be very helpful to someone that may encounter the same problem. :)
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  6.    03 Jan 2017 #16

    I did boot with every drive both internal and external disconnected except the optical drive. Again my system is a Sony All-n-one and I'd have to take it apart to remove it.

    It came with a wireless keyboard and mouse and I did try a wired keyboard in attempts to get into the BIOS but at startup but this never worked as Sony requires one to go the rescue mode screen first and then pressing F2 for access to the BIOS.

    As for Memory I didn't try booting one-stick at a time but it failed to boot regardless of which one I used. My system came with 6GB installed. It requires DDR3 SODIMM, PC3-12800, 1600MHz, Unbuffered, non-ECC, 1.35v. And incidentally, just prior to my boot issues I did try to upgrade to the max memory allowed for this system and bought some Atech modules (through Amazon), 8GB each. Once installed, the computer just kept re-booting over and over. Atech sent me some replacement modules and the same thing happened again. I even tried installing each new module, in just on slot and then the other and again the same result of re-booting over and over. When I re-installed my old memory no problem, it'd boot right up. Here's what is currently installed. Click image for larger version. 

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    At this point I would like to know if there is boot monitoring software that I could install to monitor and record all that is happening from the time I push the power button to the Windows login screen. I thought maybe Process Monitor might be the key but it looks like it begins it's monitoring from the point the BIOS finds and hands-off control to the OS. And I need something something to monitor from the power on state all the way through to the login screen. If there no such software, then is there monitoring software that I can install on my lap top and then connect my lap top to main computer, and it monitor the boot process that way?

    Anyway, I'm running out of ideas and am afraid I'm going to have to break down and take it to computer repair shop, where I trust they would have the tools to diagnosis what's going on during the boot process.

    Thanks again for the assistance.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1803
       03 Jan 2017 #17

    Well rest assured there seems to be a number of hits on Internet with slow Sony. One suggested call Sony.

    You've disconnected everything, you've set BIOS to defaults by removing battery, the behavior remains even when you boot to Sony repair.

    You likely got an error when you booted with one stick of memory and need to go into setup to tell it things have changed by loading defaults again.

    I think we are going to find that somehow the mouse and keyboard are involved. My opinion. I would ask sony how do I reset them and how can I eliminate.

    It might be worth trying new batteries in both devices.

    If you look over motherboard you might see a small header marked speaker. This is a "Case" speaker and boards will use it to sound POST errors. If you can find header and have a repair shop it might be worth connecting to see if you are getting and beeps from system as it POST. Your board may have an LED. Again you could ask Sony how to monitor POST conditions.

    I know its a pain but I would consider disconnecting optical.
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  8.    04 Jan 2017 #18

    Well I guess I'll start digging around some more on the inside and try your suggestions this weekend and while I'm at it, get some pics of innards and post them too.
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  9.    19 Jan 2017 #19

    Well I got the back off again and below are couple pics:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20170108_131958.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2017_01_20_03_58_193.jpg 
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    I couldn't find any header that seemed like an obvious case speaker but will keep looking.

    I contacted Sony and unfortunately was told they no loner provide direct support let alone, parts for my computer and directed me instead, to Best Buy Geek Squad. They sold off their VAIO unit in 2014.
    It still takes a long time to boot and so at this point I schedule my updates before I go to bed and re-boot it that way. Once booted up and logged on everything works find and I don't have any issues.

    I did go on line at Best Buy and purchased a PNY 2x8GB RAM upgrade kit. Once it arrives at the store, I'll have them double check the compatibility and get them to install it ($39) and go from there.

    In all I believe now it's probably a hardware issue; most likely with the RAM, and when attempting to change it out the 1st time, triggered some unknown error or worse some unseen damage. But without further diagnosis at a tech repair shop, it's just a guess at this point.

    The whole thing is baffling as I got an Asus Flip for Christmas with 4GB soldered to the board and a 2GB RAM slot that was up-gradable to a total of 12GB, which I was able to do without any issue.

    Thanks again for your all's help and if this issue is resolve with the new RAM purchase I'll let you know but for now will sign off.
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  10.    20 Jan 2017 #20

    Just question when you did (if you did sorry maybe I missed something) clean reinstall of windows 10. Did you deleted all partitions on your disk? Maybe, just maybe recovery or some OEM partition left from Windows 8 install interfering with windows 10? when you changed to SSD you cloned old drive that may be problem too? Not just install on top of old windows, when selecting drive go to advanced delete all partitions (backup if you have any important data on that drive) and install to not partitioned clean disk.
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