Windows 10: Windows 10: updates & winload.exe keep crashing my PC

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    Windows 10: updates & winload.exe keep crashing my PC

    Hi everyone,

    I got tired of googling stuff for 3 days straight, so I might as well ask here, because it seems that I have several problems combined.

    Here's the issue: I made a clean install of Win10Pro on my desktop. I have only installed network card driver (by Killer, the newest one available) so that I have Internet access (via cable). I started updating and everything was fine until some of the KB-series updates started crashing the PC. What I mean is: they download themselves, prepare for install, restart the PC, but then they either get back with "couldn't perform update" or "winload.exe crashed" (0x000000e). In the first case the system just reverts to previous state (i.e., before the update), in the second case only reset button works (everything gets back to working condition after 1~3 hard resets). After my PC restarts it tries updating again and this never ends.
    Sure, I could easily live without these updates, but the necessity to deal with this updates failure crap every time I boot my PC is buggin me out!

    I tried skipping this update loophole by cutting right to anniversary update, but it freezes at 32% installation. Googling this issue provided an answer: just install all of the available updates first. Back to square 1.

    I tried redoing the clean install of Windows. Same thing.

    I tried disconnecting all USB peripherals (including mouse and keyboard) during the update process. Nope, didn't help.

    I re-checked the boot priorities in BIOS, everything seems to be in order.

    I tried repairing winlogon through installation disc (both auto and manually) - nope.

    Can anybody please suggest something that could help?

    If this helps, my PC specs are in my profile. Also: I have 2 different GPUs and 2 drives: SSD for Windows and regular HDD for stuff and heavy progs/games. Can this be affecting my chances for success?

    P.S.: why did Microsoft ever even bothered with something besides Win7? Win8 & 10 are such disappointments...
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    Welcome to the Tens Forum

    Sounds like hell. Just so everyone is on same page. When you said you did a clean install you picked "custom" when it asked what kind of install. If the drive you are going to install on is just an OS drive and there is nothing special delete the partitions and let Windows allocate as part of install. Sounds like a custom build so no preloaded OEM recovery. Wouldn't want to blindly delete it.

    We are all learning every day and I learnt a trick from bro67. When it asks about updates don't let it update machine drivers just Windows. Assuming Windows starts, which it should, head to your device manager and see what might not be recognized. Using another PC gets any specific Windows 10 drivers from Gigabyte you need to correct. You obviously have your Killer driver on a stick. Load it. Try getting window updates, again with machine drivers.

    Hopefully this will get you running.
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  3.    15 Dec 2016 #3

    Caledon Ken,

    Thank you!

    Yeah, I'm shocked at how many people are experiencing problems with Win10! I wonder how less tech-savvy people handle this? I guess they just get super-frustrated and keep terrorizing Microsoft support and their tech-savvy friends.

    I actually have some updates on this situation:

    So, I tried updating yet again, and this time the system was finally ruined beyond repair, so I tried a clean install (again!). But this time it was even weirder: the SSD drive that I want to use for OS kept giving errors like "can't use this partition" and whatnot (several error codes that I googled and tried solving with varying degree of success). I also noticed that my SSD drive keeps disappearing from the boot sequence list even though it is constantly online and fully usable (then it reappears all of a sudden!). I guess this is a story for another time.

    So, at some point I said: "screw that" and physically removed both GPUs and unhooked the other HDD, basically leaving only MB, CPU, RAM, SSD & DVD-ROM, because at some point before I stumbled upon a suggestion that peripherals may be interfering with the updates, the system gets confused and errors ensue (epic bulls**t from the usability point of view, but whatever). I even though of unhooking DVD and using a USB-flash with Win10 iso, but failed to find a single working shtick, which is sad.
    Anyway, next I arranged the boot sequence in BIOS and afterwards Win10 installation was suddenly performed at light-speed and was in total a screaming success. I installed network card driver, then started updating. Suddenly it all went smoothly and without a bazillion restarts in between the updates (I also un-ticked the "get updates for other Microsoft stuff", which some people on the Internet claimed to be one of the culprits of continuous updates failures). At this point it was 1 am and I went to sleep.

    I've yet to finalize all of the updates and the infamous anniversary update is lurking out there somewhere, waiting to be installed. I'll keep posting updates about my quest here, because I very much hope that I will emerge victorious in the end, and I also hope that I might shed some light on the confusing and frustrating process of updating Win10.
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       15 Dec 2016 #4

    Great news.

    Could I suggest before you rebuild your entire machine and then have the Anniversary update stroll in, force the update. There is a small risk to this, if your machine hasn't received the update naturally then MS may still be doing some analysis. I know there are a lot of machines in the world but this is taken forever in technology years. Its been in the wild for four months. Maybe create an Image using Macruim free and if this don't go right it is a 30 minute recovery.

    If you go to Microsoft and create a Media key, I know this works with media key, it may also work with ISO burned to DVD, you can insert and then issue the command setup, something like E:\setup. (Where ever your USB is located.) This will do an in place upgrade.

    Here is address.

    I will note that when I tried the media creator, creating USB key, on anything but a window 10 machine the USB key appeared bonked. If I ran with same key on Windows 10 machine life returned to normal.
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  5.    28 Dec 2016 #5

    Ok, so here's what's going on.

    Long story short, I cheated my way out of the previous problem and got an iso build of Win10 with pre-installed anniversary update. As you might've guessed, this solved the issue of updates constantly failing. A happy ending, right? Wrong!

    The new build is crappy beyond any comments. They infamous "program manager", which is supposedly dead since Win3.1 (not really) keeps stalling the system, everything is super-slow, everything I launch ends up broken and the PC can't even restart properly! And so, I started googling again. There were some random noted about some sort of Logitech app for peripherals that supposedly crashes everything, but since I don't have it it can't be the culprit. At some point my frustration reached its peak, because Microsoft forums do not provide any sort of useful advice beyond "run diagnostics and restart, this helps 100%" (spoiler: it doesn't), while other forums are flooded with a lot of frustrated people who just want a working Windows OS instead of the current s**tshow. It pretty much feels like a never-ending cycle: you solve one problem, others pop up in its place immediately.

    At this point I no longer have time and will to play admin/coder/telepath/tech god, I'm angry for many reasons that most people can easily guess and I will not waste others' time ranting here. I'm rolling back to the previous build, run AntiSpy app to remove all this Microsoft metro nonsense, and I also want to find an app that guts out the WinUpdate function entirely, so that it doesn't bug me all the time. I'd rather have an older build that works than a newer one that doesn't work at all.

    Anyway, thanks for bearing with me! Hope we'll live to see a new, WORKING version of Windows in our lifetime.
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