Windows 10: cannot use taskbar

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    cannot use taskbar


    Ive been having this issue for the past week, basically the task bar doesnt really work. I cant left click on anything other than the apps/programs ive got pinned to the taskbar (and those i cant right click on), the start menu and all the other task bar icons i must right click on. ive done extensive research (aka googling) on the subject and have found its a common issue. However none of the usual fixes seem to work for me....

    for starters i came across this page which has some of the fixes ive seen on many other pages. Tried everything other than creating a new account and changing the folder names, simply because i was unable to create a new account on the system.

    at first i even tried restoring to past backups, restored 4 times (going back a week each time). After each restore the start button would work for about 5 to 10 minutes and then....... nothing

    last night i even took the drastic step of resetting my PC to factory settings (selected the option that wiped the C drive) and it actually worked all of last night. i was excited i thought that resetting was a pain in the ass (had to back up all my files, now have to restore em and install a bunch of programs) thought it was worth it. but as of this morning when i turned the computer on the same damn error happened

    not sure what else to do here, can anyone offer any advice?

    edit: its also interesting to note that windows 10 apps dont work, they load up, but crash while loading
    and sometimes when typing the keyboard gets stuck and repeats a letter (ie i type the word hello and it gets stuck on the e so "heeeeeeeeeeee"). The problem, however, is that no keys are physically stuck and this error doesnt work on other machines where i use the same keyboard and mouse (i have a microsoft sculpt wireless desktop set, so i take it to work with me, works perfectly on my work PC)

    The problem with the apps crashing could probably be related to the taskbar issue. The keyboard problem seems completely unrelated (and might be), but its a big coincidence that it started happening at the same time the taskbar crapped itself, so thought it may be worth mentioning
    These two issues may be meaningless, but someone who knows more about this than i may see a connection that i cannot
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    Welcome to the Ten forum.
    While I'm not sure why past backups failed or a clean install failed could I suggest another clean install. This time don't restore your data or add a lot of programs. Please use a local password so you are isolated from your Microsoft account if you use one.
    Please, if you havenít already, get the latest software from Microsoft. Iím throwing in the link to Brinkís tutorial for reference, you sound like you know how to do this already.[2]=Installation and Setup

    You didnít mention, as this is a desktop, what, if any, graphic, sound, ports, etc., cards are installed?

    I would keep the machine as basic as possible, like a browser or two and maybe a productivity suite while using Microsoft Security. I would set connection type as Metered to prevent updates from being process. My thought process is to see if this machine can run in what Iíll call ďBasicĒ mode. (not as clean as a clean boot but I think it will do.)

    I saw you were able to run for a day but when you let it sleep over night it was corrupted again. Letís try this same test.

    If the machine passes this test I would then perform all the updates and see if behavior returns. While this is occurring maybe you could get a trial version of Malwarebytes from Once installed I would scan your data files, just to be sure. If all clear then install your programs very slowly, you said you installed a bunch, to see if one of them is causing the corruption. Not sure what slowly means given your machine can run hours without displaying the bad behavior. Maybe do two at a time.

    If the machine fails the above test, running all day, sleeping over night, and you do have cards maybe one of them, in conjunction with Windows, is causing corruption or maybe it is a Windows process like hibernation.

    Obviously I donít know root cause but hopefully we can start to isolate possible causes, machine, Window processes, updates, programs, data, account and then action as appropriate.

    Addition: You may have to install windows disconnected from a network, then turn on Metered Connection to prevent the update process from immediately starting.

    One manís thoughts.
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    Thanks for the advice

    I've just tried to reset the PC again. I have a feeling whatever's causing the problem is in a windows update

    Now the problem is after the reset windows installed is stuck in a loop

    It boots up to the screen that gets me to input my location, language etc. then asks me whether I want to use express settings or configure my own.

    No matter what I do after I'm done the system restarts then boots into the same screen and I have to enter those details again.

    This loop has repeated about a dozen times before I gave up
    Not sure what to do here, I don't have the original discs I used to install windows
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    see image for reference
    this is the screen i cant get past. everytime the computer restarts it comes here
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    Please re-read my note. Microsoft will provide you with the software for free as you are a licensed user. See Brink's tutorial I referenced. You can get software and do a clean install. I noticed I tried to use Media creator on Windows 7 machine unsuccessful. Seems it needs to be done on Windows 10 but this might just be a problem in my chair. There is also and ISO you can get.

    If you follow my instructions the updates shouldn't get going. Further Bro67 has recommended in another thread that you shut off the option that allows Microsoft to install hardware drivers. This would be good as we can further isolate if it is Windows updates, as you suspect or drivers. It is probably a combination of factors, lets find out which ones.

    I assume as you are posting you have access to another device. My opinion, if you have your data, abandon this loop. Start with a clean install and proceed slowly. You will have your machine back in no time.
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