I want to use virtual desktops for home and work. One is my home PC - the other is my full screen VM for work. I want to use + Crtl + Left/Right Arrow to switch between them. Or any other combination.

The standard Win 10 solution doesn't work as if you have one full screen you can't switch back - the full screen VM takes control. You can disable the and other keys on RDP but this means that you can't use Alt-Tab on the VM which is also unacceptable.

Does anyone know how to do this? To make Alt+Tab work on the VM (full screen) and something else transfer control back to the host.

I've tried Windows 10 virtual desktops and the Sysinternals desktops program which fails as it leaves the original taskbar.

Any ideas? I saw this Windows 10: Switch virtual deskop while in fullscreen remote desktop - Super User which basically says you can't.

I only want my work VM fullscreen on one (virtual) desktop and the rest (home stuff) on another and to be able to swap them. Surely this isn't an unusual requirement.