I have multiple problems so I'll try to list them all

TL: DR Does any1 know a 3rd party software that can force apply profiles to monitors and remember their hardware ID + "if possible" not break windows 10 Classic Photo Viewer gamma settings like?

Here is the issue. I have 4 screens, but most of the time 3 of them are enabled and 1 in "Display settings > monitior>Disconnect This Display" until I need it at which point I reconnect it.

Here is how my color managment looks and work at 50% when all 4 monitors are connected:
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Now when I go to Display Settings>Multiple Displays>Disconnect this display (display 4)
I got this in my color managment:
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Once that happen 2 of my monitors have incorrect profiles and 3rd one goes at random.

The problem is "I believe" in the fact that windows do not remember correctly what monitor ID/hardware ID goes to what profile etc etc. "No UUID system I take?" In any case I tried setting it up and fixing it. When I get it to work, and I need to do some crazy changes over there like apply wrong profiles to wrong monitors because they are incorrectly linked and wrongly displayed. Like if my monitor on left is labeled 1|2 but only way to change that profile is to apply profile to 4|5 one. Its just messed up 3 way to hell. We also have duplicate of 3|4 twice! Incorrect!

However when I get it to work. Its good. at 50% (I will explain why 50% in a sec) Anyway when we go to 4 screens> Reconnect all monitors again. The ICC profiles are screwed up again and incorrect. Then need to be adjusted again ! I connect/disconnect extra display 1-2 days a day or less. Its a tricky I like to be efficient and there is no need for 2.5k display to be on at all time displaying black and damaging itself.

Ok now to the 50% when I apply any profile to my monitors the Classic Windows Preview mode (The one that we had in windows 7, the windows 10 preview more is unusable due to the way it switches between images. If I want to compare detail I need image to flicked on/off instantly. Not show me pretty animation of sliding image left to right. Me as photographer can't compare rubbish on that.) anyway when I apply profile the Windows Preview Viewer fall back to Linear gamma not SRG gamma. Making the image very back and incorrect. I read that this is a bug due to changing profiles and as far as I can see it has not been fixed for 7 years now.

Bottom line. Does any1 know a reliable 3rd party software that will remember ID of screen and then force apply my specific profile to it regardless of how many monitors are connected at a time?