As I've described here, Anniversary Update causes my laptop's mouse and keyboard to freeze when waking up from sleep, and no amount of troubleshooting has turned up a solution. But what if I were able to interact with the computer (e.g., via remote desktop or quick assist) while it's frozen; what should I look for in order to diagnose the freeze? One obvious thing would be to open the Device Manager and look for a yellow question mark, but that seems like a long shot. What else should I look at to diagnose system freeze while it is happening?

(Why do I think that I may be able to remotely control the laptop while it is frozen? Because I let a Microsoft support tech take control remotely to try to diagnose the problem. At the time, it was frozen on the password login screen and so he could not do any real troubleshooting and I could not enter the password to go any further, but I did notice that he was able to control at least the mouse, maybe also the keyboard, while it was frozen on my end.)