I got a Dell Inspiron 3050 Net-top PC for a friend to use as a media streaming platform for the bedroom.
I have not installed any programs/software/apps/additional drivers on to it yet.

The computer worked fine for the first 5 6 boot-ups and all was well. However after a windows update the screen turned to static (white noise covering the whole screen) while booting after the Dell logo and just before the windows login screen!

No keypress works at this point; the strange thing is that is after powering off, when you turn it back on it appears at the point it should be at, which is the windows login. At this point you can login and all is well again.
It does it every time I boot it.

There are no issues reported in device manager and there are no drivers to roll back as the PC is as it was out the box at the moment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.