I have some folders that I can't delete. OS says folder doesn't exist

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    I have some folders that I can't delete. OS says folder doesn't exist

    In the program JRiver Media Center (MC), I was experimenting with saving my TV Recordings/subscriptions directly to the appropriate "seriesName" folder using the "Apply these tags (optional)' tool in the TV series' subscription rules.
    Anyways ....

    I got the command wrong and MC created a new folder rather than moving my recording to an existing folder. I fixed that mistake.

    But now I can't delete the folders MC created.
    I thought it might be a permissions issue (maybe I'm not the owner of the folder since MC created it), but even using the Windows command "takeown /f "path to folder" /R /D Y, I still can't delete the folders. The Windows error message says the folder does not exist. I think maybe the issue is the "space" in the folder name. I tried deleting the folders in an elevated Command Prompt window with remdir and rd. But Windows can't find the folder)s).

    Anyways I tried everything I can think of to delete these folders. Perhaos I should just leave them as is since they are doing no harm.

    This is a screen shot of the folders, their properties, and security tab. This is Win10-Pro x64. I am the Admininster. The computer is only used for Home Theater PC. Any ideas?
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    Try creating a folder with the same exact name in H and then delete it.
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    That was a good idea. But it didn't work.
    I was able to create a new folder with the same name. Then both folders displayed in Windows Explorer. I was able to delete the new folder but not the old one. I tried this with several of the folders - same results.
    Thanks for the idea.
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    See if this will remove it.
    1 Left click on File/folder.
    2 Right click on File/folder.
    3 Left click on PROPERTIES
    4 Left click onDETAILS tab.
    5 At the bottom of the window,Left click on "Remove properties and personal information"
    6 In the new window,Left click on SECOND radio button"Remove the following properties from the file"
    7 In the same window,Left click SELECT ALL.
    8 In the same window,Left click OK.
    9 In DETAILS tab window,Left click OK.
    Should now,hopefully,be in the Recycle bin
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    These are the steps:
    Start CMD.exe, using the right click "Run as Administrator" method.
    CD /D to the parent directory => In my case 'CD /D "H:"'.
    DIR/X for 8.3 file name => Which shows the 8.3 version of the directory name, such as "TV-SHO~3"
    RMDIR 8.3 "filename or folderName" => So "RMDIR TV-SHO~3" removes the directory!
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    Windows 10

    I know this thread is really old (and my solution is for a file and not a folder) but because it's one of the first things on google I want to post the only solution that worked for me if I can't rename the file, can't move it, can't delete it with cmd, can't change anything in the properties etc.

    The solution I had was opening the file in notepad++ then it said that this file doesn't exist but it asked me if I want to create this file. Well somehow I got a duplicate that I could delete but the original was still there but after I did it again I was able to delete the file and now my desktop is free of this ghost file ^^

    I really hope that someday someone has the same issue and this will help :)
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