hey hou, I thought this is prolly already solved, but couldn't find it.

10125 build - clean install, search works fine
10130 build - updated via WU, search starts to lag (could take up to 3-4 minutes before it takes 4-5 letters that I wrote there...)
10135 build - updated via iso, problem exists, I'm going mad

clean install build 10135 - still problem, even I had this earlier clean installed and it had no problems at all - some update did messed this up in the last 7-9days or so. the first installation of 10135 was PERFECT for me, however I was dumb enough to mess out with the USB speeds and tried asus AI suite 2 bad bad things happened and then I had to reinstall whole system again.

question - how to solve this ridiculous lag in the search box? I cba to re-install this but that "lag" is making me so, so crazy