So, I have an interesting problem. At my workplace, we have a group policy set that force-disables the Windows Task Scheduler. This is done for security purposes, as "malware sometimes sets itself up as a scheduled task", as it was explained to me. I cannot get this policy removed for my computer.

Apparently, on all versions of Windows up until 10, this was not an issue. Heck, on versions of 10 *before* the Anniversary update, it was also not an issue.

However, after the Anniversary update, it appears that windows created a Scheduled Task called "TextServicessFramework", which starts MsCtfMonitor. This process is required for keyboard input to be recognized in ANY Metro app - meaning if it doesn't work, I can't use Edge, can't use Calculator, can't search in Store, can't use Cortana, and can't search in my Start Menu. I can't type anything into the Modern Settings app, etc.

It's damned annoying.

Now, I have somewhat mitigated this problem by taking ownership of the "Schedule" service and restricting GPO from disabling the service. This gets me keyboard input *some* of the time...

BUT - there is still an issue. It seems that when Group Policy refreshes, there is a brief moment where the service must restart. This throws Task Scheduler into chaos, and for whatever reason the TextServicesFramework freaks the eff out, resulting in my keyboard not working in Metro apps again. I look in the history, and I see that about every minute, the task tries to run, but errors out with this:

Task Scheduler failed to start instance "{b6858a65-0234-4689-8826-8a1d161265e9}" of "\Microsoft\Windows\TextServicesFramework\MsCtfMonitor"  task for user "(NONE)" . Additional Data: Error Value: 2147944117.
As well as this:

Task Scheduler failed to complete task "\Microsoft\Windows\TextServicesFramework\MsCtfMonitor" , instance "{b6858a65-0234-4689-8826-8a1d161265e9}" , action "MsCtfMonitor task handler" . Additional Data: Error Value: 2147944117.
So, for now, I'm stuck. After a reboot, keyboard will work for several hours. After that, something happens, this error loop starts, and my OS is janky until I reboot.

Again, can't disable the group policy, which means I'm forced trying to find another workaround of some kind, or just deal with it. And I use my keyboard a lot, so that is really really not ideal...

Any ideas would be very helpful. I tried exporting the task to create a script pro something to fire it that way, but that doesn't work either, as it's a GUID call that can't be translated to a command...