Windows 10: Will insiders be able to disable the so called keylogger once.....

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    Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17083
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    Slartybart said: View Post

    Say you have Win10 Current Branch (CB) as your main OS and you want to test Win10 Technical Preview (TP) after RTM. I'm going to try setting up a dual boot. The main OS install will not have any telemetry, but the TP will have telemetry active. The two machines are isolated so there's no cross boundary telemetry.

    It will be interesting to see how Win10 deals with dual booting two Win10s though. My understanding of Win8.1 dual booting Win8.1 is that you have to split cores (on a 4 core CPU, each instance gets 1, 2, or 3 of the cores - that's covered in the EULA). I'd rather not have to either my main system or my test system - it would be great if Win10 let's you use all 4 cores when booting to either install.
    Bill, when setting up my dual Boot system, I had an option to name the second partition. Could you name it something like Windows 10 the Second or something like that? And would it work?
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    I'm dual booting two Windows 10 TPs without any problems.
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    BunnyJ said: View Post
    Unfortunately this issue will never be put to rest. Someone will always bring it up and get worried that MS is going to hack them. Like I say each time. Worry about real hackers and not MS.
    How many of us actually read the full license for everything on our computers? How many of us know exactly what we grant the manufacturer of that whiz-bang program we absolutely gotta have? And finally, how many of us actually read the Microsoft license?

    If I don't want to abide by the license agreement, I don't install the software. It's as simple as that. And, I'm with you; I need to worry about the hackers instead of Microsoft.
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    Wynona said: View Post
    Bill, when setting up my dual Boot system, I had an option to name the second partition. Could you name it something like Windows 10 the Second or something like that? And would it work?
    Sure, I can name the volume, but that isn't the issue I experienced.

    I wanted to set up a 2nd Win8.1 as a test bed - I only have one license. After failing a number of times I followed a trail of links through the muck and mire of MS licensing where I found a one clause statement saying you can do this but you have to share the cores. The number 3 is part of that memory - 3 multi-boots? I don't recall.

    I tried to find the clause to use in a citation, but I failed to find it again ....

    I'll image my Win8.1 system before upgrading to Win10, go though the upgrade process, then create Win10 install media using the ISO. Reconfigure the disk and clean install all of the OSes I use or test as a multi-boot system.

    The question really relates to the previous OS license - is it still valid? I think it would have to be, otherwise a lot of happy MS customers won't be so happy any more - even taking into account that it is a FREE upgrade to Win10

    If I have to sacrifice the previous OS license to get the free upgrade, I'll pass and purchase retail Win10. That solves the key issue for me.

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       15 Jun 2015 #35

    The insider EULA is different from the Windows EULA which is different from the Office EULA ... MS is trying to simplify all EULAs and write them in plain language, but the lawyers ....

    Mr E bought up a good point about capturing typing (I think it was in reference to Office) - it is done to improve spell checking.

    Mark Phelps nailed it when he said We have given MS permission... - that's the legal end of it.

    Words such as may and might have two different meanings
    may - allow You may leave the table
    might - possibly I might go to the game tomorrow

    When the clause says "Microsoft may collect ..." and you accept the agreement, you are allowing MS to collect ... it doesn't necessarily mean they do collect or might collect. You are only authorizing MS to collect if there is a need. In the TP case, we know they are collecting data - and that's a good thing. In the case of a production release - WER is a good example.

    All of the wording is more of a legal CYA than a threat to our privacy. That doesn't mean we should be complacent about privacy though.

    Bill's 2s
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