Windows 10: Will insiders be able to disable the so called keylogger once.....

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  1.    13 Jun 2015 #21

    Winuser said: View Post
    MS is only concerned about how we use Win10 and what problem we do or do not have. They are not going to risk a lawsuit over hacking into someones bank account.
    Most of this is people not wanting to trust MS no matter what or how the spell out what they're doing. Shame but heck it's never going to stop.
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  2.    13 Jun 2015 #22

    groze said: View Post
    Well it is still a logger of some type.
    Not a key logger.

    groze said: View Post
    Direct from the horse mouth so to speak.
    Nowhere does that say keylogger, and it does say "samples" and for spellcheck, as I said in my post.. And, you can in fact turn this off, as there is a setting for it which you are asked about when you first create your account (and you can change later).
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  4.    13 Jun 2015 #24

    All of this is speculation based solely on reading the eula and privacy policy. There are no official statements from MS, just interpretation of the same bits of the policies.

    Your second link disables all telemetry collection, not any supposed keylogger specifically.

    Here's a counter-link for you from a far more credible source.

    Does Windows 10 really include a keylogger? (Spoiler: No) | ZDNet
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       14 Jun 2015 #25

    Slartybart said: View Post
    Yes, that's what I meant. To clarify, it is the activation phase that complains about the license already being used on another machine. I was using one license - there is a clause that allows this.

    When I first tried to set up a 2nd 8.1 dual boot with the 1st 8.1 I followed the breadcrumbs and read that a dual boot 8.1 with 8.1 can activate with 8.1 if you only use some of the cores.

    You can of course dual boot if you have more than one license or just run a copy that is not activated. I'm not sure if you can use a VM to get around it - the license will still be checked and found to be already in use.

    I just tried to find a citation, but only found dual booting with another OS or the cases I mentioned above. I found a few that looked familiar, but nothing I can use as a citation (error messages and reasons Windows would not activate).
    The information might have been in a dialog window when it tried to activate or a link that I followed in that window.

    I'm sure it's buried in one sentence in paragraph 24 on page 342 in some legalese document

    edit: Right - sorry for the distraction - back to the thread topic....... data collection in the Technical Preview release.
    Very interesting, I did not know that. Thanks for clarifying it Bill
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       14 Jun 2015 #26

    I don't think Microsoft has the time or inclination to monitor keylogging on that many computers.

    I'm thinking they world rather spend their time and resources getting Windows 10 ready for the market place.
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  7.    14 Jun 2015 #27

    I can disable it already if I want to.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails stop-keylogger.jpg  
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  8.    14 Jun 2015 #28

    ok well, that might be the different thing tho but It says "We'll collect info", assuming it means MS
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  9.    15 Jun 2015 #29

    <sigh> I, too, thought we had put this "keylogger" debate to rest -- and apparently, we have not.

    What everyone appears to be missing is what is at the very core of this debate -- your working definition of "keylogger"!

    One definition I've found is from and it says:

    A keylogger is a program that records the keystrokes on a computer. It does this by monitoring a user's input and keeping a log of all keys that are pressed. The log may be saved to a file or even sent to another machine over a network or the Internet.
    There are three parts to this definition:
    1) recording keystrokes
    2) Keeping a log of all keys pressed
    3) Sending the information over a network

    There's no question about 1) and 3) -- The EULA grants permission to record keystrokes and permission to upload that information to Microsoft. The debate is really centered around the "all" in 2) -- and this is where feelings run high.

    Let's say that you upgraded your Internet service from your ISP and a condition of that was to allow them to install a webcam in your living room -- pointed at your TV -- to record what shows you watch -- to gather "telemetry data to help improve their programming". And, let's say they disabled the red light on the camera, so you don't know when it is recording. Most folks I know, upon seeing that camera, would say "I'm not doing anything in here I don't wanted recorded!".

    We have given MS permission to put a "camera" (of sorts) inside Win10TP. Is it recording ALL our keystrokes? We don't KNOW. Is it recording ALL the time the PC is on? We don't KNOW. Do these recording include passwords, or logins, or banking transactions? We don't KNOW. We can only guess -- and that is what we are ALL doing -- guessing.

    As to the "keystroke capturing" continuing after RTM, that depends on whether or not you continue your involvement in the Insider program. Unless MS then comes out with a new EULA, one that specifically excludes "keystroke capturing", then the presumption is that it will continue.
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  10.    15 Jun 2015 #30

    Unfortunately this issue will never be put to rest. Someone will always bring it up and get worried that MS is going to hack them. Like I say each time. Worry about real hackers and not MS.
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