Problem with input languages (changing) Solved

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       22 Nov 2016 #11

    Adalwar said: View Post
    I had also issues with Keyb / Languages. They arrived because I had installed ENglish (US) and ENglish (UK) and did not uninstall fully the Downloaded packages.
    So, the solution is to , first, revert the system to its Native OS Languages. That one you can not Delete.
    Second, in Control Panel, re-add the Languages that are showing up wrongly and making sure to fully deleted the Packages in Options for the language. Also in Settings one should Control if there are those undesired Languages.
    at last, In control Panel, one must restore the default settings for Languages and for new Users/ new Account.
    After that a reboot and Install fully the Language one wants, first in Settings and then also in Control Panel.
    Reboot again and see if problem is gone.
    If not, may be is necessary to repeat all the procedure and do a In-Place Upgrade (Windows Repair).
    I do not know any other solution, that was what I did.
    That with Languages is not very well solved in W10, is something tricky, I even had situations after a Update my Settings Display was all mismatched, after another Update windows corrected it again.
    Done that (and OP too). That UK (in my case) appeared suddenly, all by itself. Will try to do some rebooting...
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  2.    22 Nov 2016 #12

    Please, tell me what is your Native OS language?
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  3.    22 Nov 2016 #13

    I did ask before for the Native OS Language, but no answer.
    Well, without that I can not follow what might be going on there, nobody will do.
    May be you people ask by Microsoft Developers, they can help you.
    Just saying "UK is show up from nowhere" is not that much information.
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       22 Nov 2016 #14

    Adalwar said: View Post
    I did ask before for the Native OS Language, but no answer.
    Well, without that I can not follow what might be going on there, nobody will do.
    May be you people ask by Microsoft Developers, they can help you.
    Just saying "UK is show up from nowhere" is not that much information.
    update... One reboot and install / uninstall seem to fix things back as they were.

    My setup is basically the same as OP, but Slovenian instead of Greek (as shown in my country...) Display language is en-us and input is Slovenian.
    All back to normal again, no need to be upset Adalwar :)
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  5.    22 Nov 2016 #15

    My display language is English (us).
    I just have greek as an option to write.
    Today I booted my pc again and I had the two correct languages (english us and greek).
    Now I have english uk too.
    But I can't remove it. Neither from settings, nor from control panel.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	81ff4c61cdf64bcca993e8f24eeec0d2.jpeg 
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Size:	88.0 KB 
ID:	111026Click image for larger version. 

Name:	8401a0ee3ba54b57b1e112eb8a2d22bc.jpeg 
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Size:	56.1 KB 
ID:	111027Click image for larger version. 

Name:	37b994307e7444d69b9eba16d7943089.jpeg 
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Size:	36.0 KB 
ID:	111028

    The laptop was bought from UK, so I understand that maybe the (native) language somehow was english uk, but how do I find this setting and how do I change it?
    I made a new user, not admin, to check if the problem appears here too. After one day, the new user has the same problem with englush uk appearing again.

    I also found this and I did the steps 12-13-14-15 (for english us) and I hope it will stay this way.
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  6.    22 Nov 2016 #16

    Hi delijohn,
    In W10-1607.351 you can delete all Languages, except the one that is current active (at top).Click image for larger version. 

Name:	keyboard.jpg 
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ID:	111037
    On the Above screen is where you have to go and set things.
    To remove a Language, move it Down and Press Remove
    To add/remove a Keyboard Layout to a Display Language press "Options" and the you can remove / Delete all Keyb, except 1 of them, system needs a Keyb.
    Go into every Language you have and see the Keyb you have installed, remove if not needed.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	keyboard1.jpg 
Views:	2 
Size:	62.6 KB 
ID:	111038
    My OS Native Language is German, I have delete it and its Keyb and I do not see it anywhere, just on this Place, it is still there and I can not delete it. That means that Your Native Language will show up there along with the added Languages.
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  7.    22 Nov 2016 #17

    I unserstand and I've been in these menus. Check my screenshots. There's no english uk to remove, even when i have the problem with english uk (as a third language). That's my point. When english uk appears, there's nowhere an option to remove them.
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  8.    23 Nov 2016 #18

    I did understand your Point, that UK is appearing and it should not and you have no means to "delete/remove it".
    So, the conclusion is that something is mismatch on your system.
    There is a bad entry in System and you have to correct it.
    Lets go step-by-step, to see if system override the bad entry.
    You have 2 Screen Languages installed. Go to each of the Languages, in Control Panel, choice "Options" and make sure there is no UK Keyb there.
    If you do not see any UK Keyb, then move your GR Language UP and remove the US Language. (I assume you can read GR Display Language)
    If system does not allow to remove US language, then go to "Override Display Language...." and choice "Use List". Change also the settings for "Welcome Screen,NEw Account,...." and copy the settings (it means to put GR as default).
    Now, go again to that Control Panel to the option "Override for Windows Display" in Advanced Settings and see which languages are available there. It should be Present GR and one more Language , probably UK, and this one is your Native OS Language.

    Please tell me what are your needs in terms of DISPLAY Language (for Menus and so on), if you need GR and EN, or only GR or only EN. And which Keyb you need, US rather UK (I do not know which is the difference) and GR.
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  9.    23 Nov 2016 #19

    Ok, first things first. Right now I don't have english uk in any menu or submenu or keyboards to remove. As in the screenshots, I can only choose it as an input language but nowhere to remove it.
    Also, I'm using english us and greek as input and i want english us as display language.
    Now.. I'll do what you said and i'll stay with greek and then reinstall english us again. I'll keep you informed if the problem (english uk) comes back again.
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  10.    23 Nov 2016 #20

    OK. So, if you want to have GR only as Keyb input, then your settings are not the Best.
    Report back which other Language System have (the Native OS) then I will tell what to do.
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