I have an encrypted and password protected file. The directory and entire file structure is encrypted. I guess that means that the directory is password protected and all subdirectories and files are encrypted. I want to get a copy out on an FTP server without encrypting it. I think, with that description, I've just convinced myself it can't be done because, without decrypting the subdirectories there is no way to find the files. So let's say I'm willing to take a partition backup but have it on on an network-connected device that Windows can't see as a mounted drive. As far as I know, FTP knows about files and directories; it can't do whatever raw reads are required for partition copies. Acronis True Image can take partition backups to an FTP server, but it breaks the backup file into 2GB chunks, FTPs each separately, and under some circumstances, fails to close the individual connections. I'm trying to FTP over 600GB of data. By the time it has a couple hundred FTP data connections, my poor FTP server freezes. So Acronis is out until this bug is fixed. Is there any backup or copy products (that run on Windows) that can take partition copies and send them to a server without using Samba (or anything else that would allow Windows to access the storage as a mounted drive)?