I've been having issues for the past year. I built my starter gaming pc and I installed Windows 8.1 Pro. I was having issues playing games mostly Ubisoft games whether they booted directly from Uplay or steam. So I decided to upgrade to windows 10 pro using the free upgrade program. Same issues arose and eventually led to me doing 6 clean installs and finally got a stable system. After that it worked for a while but I started noticing blue screen crashes.

Since then ive upgraded my video card from a GTX 660 to a GTX 950. Ive reformatted all my hard drives ( Windows- Kingston 128GB SSD, Media and Games- Seagate Barracuda 1TB). I purchased Windows 10 Home Edition OEM Disk and tried a fresh install with that. Everything seems to be working great but I noticed on my last pc I had COM errors and the WUDFRd driver error. Could you guys tell me if these error are anything that can be fixed. Should I worry about them?

Also I wanna make sure I set my Secondary Drive up correctly. I want all my default media locations moved to that drive. So I will just change the location of those folders to a path on the secondary drive correct?