File Explorer search returning too much

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    File Explorer search returning too much

    I have figured out that when File Explorer searches, it includes the filepath as well as file name and contents. I see this as a problem, since I rarely, if ever, search based on the filepath. Please tell me there's a way to turn this off.

    I also see an option for whether or not to include file contents, but I suspect the folder's indexed, and that it only works for non-indexed locations (it's listed under "in non-indexed locations" in the Advanced Options menu). This is not actively causing me problems, but it would be good to know if someone knows off-hand how to affect that as well.
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    Hi, not sure what you're seeing- a screenshot of an example would help to explain why you think the path is searched.

    Do you mean you may get a mix of of folders and files in the resulting list?

    Compare these search strings where the top level folder is Music and contains music files and subfolders, some of which contain 'Music' in their name.

    Searching for 'Music' => a mix of folders and files
    Searching for 'Music kind:music'=> only files of types classified as music file types.

    Advanced Query Syntax (Windows)

    Content indexing only applies to some file types an only for files indexed, where enabled. Note you may have to enable indexing of specific folders as well.
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    I've used FileSeek, both free and pro, for such searches; it seems to handle things better.
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    And we recommend
    Everything (Void Tools) and I like Locate32
    - all index all files quickly, and then give find-as-you-type results.
    All free and usually a lot more convenient and faster than search in explorer
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    "...all index all files quickly..." great idea! However, it did not work for me, so I went with my 2nd choice FileSeek and never looked back :)
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    Your case must be the wild exception... as far as I can see, it doesn't scan NTFS file tables to build an index, thus a search is limited to a disk or partition, and not all partitions or disks, which the programs I listed can search- instantly.

    Thus it is slower and less convenient. Anyway, glad it suits you.
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    Could have sworn I replied yesterday, sorry...

    File Explorer search returning too much-search-filepath.png
    here's a screenshot of the search results

    File Explorer search returning too much-search-advanced-options.png
    here's a screenshot of the option I mentioned

    Not sure I want to download another program just for this...I might I guess but AUGH! Why does MS pull this kind of crap!
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    I can understand how you feel. Those (small, free) programs are recommended by people here- I've used Locate32 for years. Press hot key, dialogue appears, start typing, instant results across all partitions, disks, or restricted by path, date, size, regular expression etc etc.

    Optional search for text.

    Don't have to think about it - much.
    In your screenshot, I guess you're searching for 'report' - if you're including file content, the result could be valid- I can't tell.
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    IF the OP would search on "Report.txt", then the results would be only files named "Report.txt".
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    Here's what I see for searching for report, where the files are empty (so content is irrelevant):

    Folder content:
    File Explorer search returning too much-snap-2016-11-17-15.27.09.jpg

    Search results:
    File Explorer search returning too much-snap-2016-11-17-15.26.55.jpg

    Note journal.txt is NOT shown, although the containing folder is called report.
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