Windows 10: My screen became reversed from left to right after installing windows

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    Windows 10 x86 14383 Insider Pro and Core 10240
       18 Nov 2016 #21

    And you do this on your Acer laptop to reverse the acer logo during boot how, Bro?
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  2.    18 Nov 2016 #22

    bro67 said: View Post
    April Fools came early for you I see. It used to be a great gag to cause it to rotate like that or reverse. The look on someone's face was just priceless. This has nothing to do with electricity or damage to your laptop. It is a feature of the Driver to allow you to place a projector to shine into a mirror for a short throw projection screen.

    Ctrl-Alt-Uparrow or Ctrl-Alt-Downarrow should fix it.

    Also you already had a thread going on about this. Why thry new one?

    My screen became reversed from left to right after installing windows - Windows 10 Forums

    I saw that they all did not hit the broadside of a barn, even if the were right in front of it at Point Blank range.
    According to the OP, it does this right from boot up, even the BIOS post screen is reversed? Windows isn't even loaded and its flipped.
    Also where is this duplicate thread? That link is to this thread?
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       19 Nov 2016 #23

    Fafhrd said: View Post
    And you do this on your Acer laptop to reverse the acer logo during boot how, Bro?
    Again reversing the screen is so that when you do a short throw projector setup, it turns the image back into a normal one when it hits the mirror that shines on the screen. Nothing is wrong with the hardware. Just user error or someone played the well played out April Fool's gag that has been around since they introduced screen reverse and rotation.
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       19 Nov 2016 #24

    alphanumeric said: View Post
    According to the op, it does this right from boot up, even the bios post screen is reversed? windows isn't even loaded and its flipped.
    also where is this duplicate thread? that link is to this thread?
    that is because it is in reverse direction that is for using with short throw projector setups. yes it can happen at the bios if they pressed ctrl-alt-up arrow or ctrl-alt-down arrow at anytime during the boot process.
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       19 Nov 2016 #25

    Winuser said: View Post
    Being a 3 year old laptop and out of warranty I'm not sure it would be cost affective to fix. I would suggest checking to see if you can get a shop to give you a free estimate or start checking out for a new laptop.
    The fix is to press Ctrl-Alt-Up Arrow or Ctrl-Alt-Down arrow. Just because it is 3 years old, does not mean that it suddenly needs to be replaced when it is user error.
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  6.    19 Nov 2016 #26

    Guys I am not joking .. this is not hoax ..
    I registered in Tenforums to find a solution for this weird issue . I am not wasting your time here !

    I got busy with university work in the past 2 days & I'm sorry for that .

    I connected my laptop to another monitor and the screen was normal and not reversed
    as in the next photo ,, where my laptop monitor is on the right and the external monitor on the left >>>

    the display was correct with the external monitor even from the start of boot screen . acer logo was correctly shown and windows 10 logo also was in correct position !

    then I noticed that if I left my laptop working for like 20 minutes with the -reversed- screen on & then If I used Ctrl+Alt+Arrows to turn the screen horizontally and vertically for several times it will restore the correct view !

    Is the problem at the laptop monitor or the graphics card ?
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  7.    19 Nov 2016 #27

    I'd say monitor since other one shows right way from same GPU.
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  8.    19 Nov 2016 #28

    Any suggestion how to fix it ?
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  9.    19 Nov 2016 #29

    Link99 said: View Post
    Any suggestion how to fix it ?
    I never run into that problem but when something goes screwy with display I check its flat cable and it's connections first.
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  10.    19 Nov 2016 #30

    I will check the flat screen cable & try to clean where it is connected in the motherboard .
    Hopefully it fixes the problem
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