I'm having a problem with a new build on Win10 Home, 64bit.

I try to keep the desktop tidy by having folders for different types of programs and utilities. When I try to open some programs from within those folders - usually those needing UAC confirmation (but not always just these) - the program or UAC box does not come into focus and is hidden behind the folder. The cursor, when left over the folder, indicates the system is busy.

The only way to get it into focus is to open another program - usually a web browser - and then close it or minimise it. Then I can get to the UAC box. This does not happen when I have the short-cut on the desktop. It also does not happen again with that folder unless I close it and open it again.

I have another PC with Win10Pro 64bit. Haven't experienced it on that PC.

Has anyone had the same issue? Is a reinstall/repair needed?