I am having performance issues in all games that can be described as jittery choppiness in mouse movements and action delays in keyboard inputs.

I am fairly certain it is power related in some way.

My question is this - under system information my device is listed to windows as a mobile phone.

I have spoken to about 5 other people and this setting on all their computers show as "Desktop"

Am I crazy or could this be connected to my issue?

Sidenote - this is a list of things I have tried)

-On a fresh install not virus or maleware
-Updated Bios
-Updated all drivers/ firmware
-CPU is not over heating around 20 deg idle never goes over 55 on load
- Tried diff Ram
- Tried diff Hard drive
-Tried Diff GPU
-Tried Diff psu
- Not keyboard or mouse related tried diff devices
- Not sound related tried diff sound cards
-ISP is fiber gigabit not network related 0 jitter on the line

Thanks for reading if you made it this far lol...

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