So i have been having BSOD issues for about a month or so, i cant even count how many clean installations and fixes i tried. this was my original post
In the end i thought maybe it is windows 10 fault so i just installed fresh 8.1 but again BSOD started after a while.

So far what i gathered:
If i just use windows for browsing and not intense apps i encounter no BSOD
When i launch graphically intense games they always crash during loading or after ruining for a short of time causing BSOD which i will show at the end of post.
I cant seem to update my Direct x runtime driver, when i do it says its updated but nothing happens, for example when i launch steam game and it installs it next time i launch that game it will install DX again.
I tried using older drivers but the result was the same so it is not a driver issue or at least not the one solved by it.
I get watchdog violation BSOD that is always caused by hal.dll i tried multiple fixes from forums but none have worked.
the other BSOD i get is when launching games and it is system thread exception not handled , now it will happen after any game that i launch.
I have all updates + additional ones.
when i did last updates for my 8.1 i got that driver BSOD

I start to think that it is probably my hardware,but if you have any other ideas please share.
p.s. i still have warranty.