Windows 10: problem saving .bat file Solved

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  1.    06 Nov 2016 #21

    Man I didnt mean to start a flame war! I just resent them as Ive gotten most .bats from scammer/adware infecting low lives on email attachments. Obviously I don't download them.

    I come in peace.
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       07 Nov 2016 #22

    Bright Eyes said: View Post
    Man I didnt mean to start a flame war! I just resent them as Ive gotten most .bats from scammer/adware infecting low lives on email attachments. Obviously I don't download them.
    I come in peace.
    If you got a batch file from adware or a scam email, that is not the fault of the Operating System or the website. It is just the user not making sure that their system uses layered protection.

    I have yet to see anyone get a Batch file that infects their system. With Windows 10, .bat and .cmd files will not run unless you start removing safeguards. The same thing with Mac OS-X in how Apple has layered their OS security so that something a user tries to run, the security protocols in OS-X will not let it.

    What people are doing with Batch files these days is beyond what they were originally used for. People are treating them as if they are an actual program, while also allowing stuff like Perl and Java programs to run. In that nature, having the ability of letting the batch file run something that can damage the OS is why we now use scripts. Scripts have better safeguards and if there is something wrong, they will not be allowed to go any further.

    If people would start letting go of their old habits and start moving to how things should be done with modern operating systems, we would not have a lot of issues.

    Seeing a lot of people that are so used to Windows, now treating Linux as if it is Windows. The worse thing I have seen is using Python to run a Python script to mount a file share, which takes longer and can fail, than just doing it as it has always been done through Fstab.

    If you look at the link I posted earlier and start following those ways, you will find that your life will be a whole lot easier.
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  3.    07 Nov 2016 #23

    Thanks for all the info bro67.
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  4.    07 Nov 2016 #24


    bro67 said: View Post
    I never got the message that everyone has to go through you first before they post. The only thing off topic is you trying to tell people that they do not have the right to post on a thread and state fact that no one is using batch files anymore since XP.
    I was only letting you know you had already replied to the same post.
    See post #9 on page 1.

    BTW even MS has put batch files in Windows 10 so your so called fact isn't exactly true.

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       07 Nov 2016 #25

    Bright Eyes said: View Post
    Thanks for all the info bro67.
    I got back into going back and catching up on stuff since I have been retired due to a bad back. I was stuck in a lot of bad habits when it came to doing things how they were done over 16 years ago. Linux has been a more strong point than Windows, because I am dealing with it from the non-gui installation, in which everything is done from a Command Line and you get to understand more about the OS.

    If more people started reading up and learning how to use Powershell scripts. We would not see as many issues. Same as those who go mucking about in the registry, but never make a backup in case they hose it up.

    Bash scripts are great things when it comes to having jobs run for certain reasons. That is where Linux gets its strong point vs. Windows. NT came about from Gates buying up CP/M & MP/M from Digital Research. That was because IBM would not sell them the rights to use OS/2.

    With these forums starting to get a lot of people using the newer OS's. You are going to start seeing a lot of confusion about stuff that the majority of us have been doing for over 20 to 30 years. The Tutorials on here are filled with a lot of really good info, same as Microsoft's technet.

    Now with some who feel that they should be the only one handing out information and when they are called on it not being correct, you see the outcome of it. If that person handing out the incorrect info confesses and goes out to double check and apologize, which all of us have done because it is not about pride, it is about being human and sometimes you have other things on your mind and do not give all needed.
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