I was trying to connect my laptop (running Windows 10) to a screen via HDMI. The problem was that i couldn't get it to run regardless of the settings i chose in the display options. I must have chosen the "show only on" option for the screen i thought was the HDMI output screen.

Side-note: It's important to note here that before plugging in any external video ouptut of any kind, Windows 10 was already "registering" 2 screens, one the laptop, and another which just had "Disconnect this screen" in the bottom. When i connected the HDMI a third screen appears, but it also has just the "Disconnect this screen" option in the bottom.

Neither Dubplicate nor extend screen worked. Like i said, I must have tried to select the "show only on" option for the screen i thought was the HDMI output, but my screen just turned off. I tried restarting with HDMI unplugged, but the laptop screen turns off the moment it boots. I'm certain the HDMI problem is on Windows 10's side, since HDMI works fine on Linux mint, which I dual boot, the cables are fine, the screen is fine, and I had used HDMI on windows a few days prior with no changes to the settings and no updates in the mean time.

The problem now is that i can't access windows 10 at all, because the laptop screen stays off. How can I bypass this( keep in mind i have dual boot linux, so i can access windows files from there) and how can i fix the HDMI problem, once I get back in?