I know this is not a big deal but I wanted to know what caused a change in my startup screen during the boot up of my HP laptop.

I have an HP Pavillion laptop that I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. When it was Windows 7 during boot up I would see the Windows 7 logon banner during boot up and when I upgraded to Windows 10 I saw the Windows 10 boot up screen but something happened yesterday. During a shut down Windows 10 told me that I had a problem with the Master Boot Record and that I needed to fix it with a Windows Install disk. Well, I tried to follow the instructions t fix it on the internet but nothing seemed to work as everyone said it should so I gave up and did a complete hard drive restoration (i.e. all partitions) from an Acronis backup I had take a week or so ago. Now, instead of the Windows 10 banner the first thing I see is a blue circle with the HP logo on screen. I've booted to the BIOS and this BIOS doesn't have anything in it regarding an HP banner during logon and since I did a complete hard disk restore, I'm curious why things change and how. Does anyone have any thoughts>