Windows 10: Windows 10 Reboot loop?

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  1.    01 Nov 2016 #1

    Windows 10 Reboot loop?

    I have an elderly friend who bought a new Dell XPS system (at my recommendation) and I went and set it up for her and it had been working fine for a little more than a month. As far as I can tell Windows 10 installed updates and once it reboots the desktop comes up and it's usable for about 2-3 minutes and then it shuts itself down and reboots and then keeps repeating this over and over again.

    Has anyone seen this problem? Is the solution to boot to a DVD and go back to the last valid restore point? If I do that and Windows 10 downloads and installs the update again and then she's back in the same situation, what can I do to stop that update from installing?

    Also, I just want to ask someone elses opinion; this poor lady felt like she'd been bothering me too much and she called Dell; Dell told her the software support warranty was only 30 days and then they proceeded to sell her a $300 software support contract and she felt like she had to do it. Then they told her they need to send her "a USB" and charged her $19.95 shipping and I asked her "A USB what?" and she said (referring to notes that she took during the 3 hour call to Dell) that's all the man said "We're going to send you a USB" and I have no idea what they are sending her and I'll have to wait until it gets there and go over and see. But should Dell be charging for what is a Microsoft update issue? Does anyone else think that they are taking advantage of a little 80 year old lady? When I'm there should I get on the phone with Dell and try and get her money back? If I contact Microsoft will they help with this problem without a support charge?
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    try a clean install format it it might fix it
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    As far as Dell and Microsoft goes, we cannot speak for them. However, would talk to Dell regarding selling an 80 year old an $300 software support contract, etc.

    On the boot loop...

    • Try booting from a Windows 10 DVD or USB flash drive.
    • Make sure the computer boots from USB (May need to change boot options in the BIOS), and do the following:
    • At the Install Now screen, click: Repair your computer
    • At the screens that follow, click: Advanced Options > Troubleshoot > Startup repair

    See if the Startup Repair gets the PC running.
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    Also, if you are unable to boot into Windows, you can use the option to: Go back to the previous build (via Advanced Options)

    Windows 10 offers the option to go back to an earlier build, if the current installed build is not working for you.
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    Windows 10 Reboot loop?

    I talked to Dell and they're going to refund the lady her money. The thing they sent her was a bootable USB drive with the Windows 10 media on it.
    I can boot into Windows and as I indicated the computer seems to work normally but only for 2-3 minutes before it shuts down and reboots.
    I'll try to get to the advanced options menu and try and rollback to the previous build and see what happens.

    Re: "As far as Dell and Microsoft goes, we cannot speak for them" I was more or less trying to figure out if what Dell pressured her into was shady given that this is practically a brand new computer; also if a Windows update causes this kind of problem (which has been somewhat reported in the tech news it seems) if anyone has experience calling Microsoft since they caused it.
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  6.    02 Nov 2016 #6

    If someone who has reasonable knowledge about computers had talked to Dell, IMO, the outcome may have been different. However, if the owner's understanding of boot issues, updates, etc. was rather limited, that may have triggered the offer to provide her support, although at a healthy price.

    Have never owned a Dell, so, do not know if they have Recovery software installed on their computers. They probably do. You may want to check that angle. Also, does Dell have a knowledgebase that you can access and get guidance from?
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    Same problem happened, reboots and starts defender off;ine. I had to reinstall w 10. I contacted Microsoft support chat and the are aware of this problem, they fixed my hp envy 17 for free!!!
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  9.    03 Nov 2016 #9

    Windows 10 Reboot Loop?

    I tried Startup Repair and that ended with an error; I tried going back to the previous build and that ended with an unknown error; I tried the refresh and keep files and that ended with an unknown error before it even started.

    I don't know what that update did but it messed this computer up bad; I had to take it with me and I'm going to have to take the hard drive out and backup all the data from it using a USB hard drive dock and then I'll have to try reinstall Windows 10 to the factory image and reinstall her programs and restore her data.

    This is really crazy that a brand new computer that's not even 40 days old needs to have this kind of heavy duty work done to it.
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  10.    03 Nov 2016 #10

    This is really crazy that a brand new computer that's not even 40 days old needs to have this kind of heavy duty work done to it.
    I agree!

    Have you considered going to Dell, and asking about the Recovery software or partition installed on their computers.

    What Model number is this Dell XPS system?
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