I am having a bizarre problem that I can't seem to narrow down. While playing video games (Black Desert Online) on one monitor and having YouTube or twitch.tv up on another monitor my computer will eventually freeze and require power cycling. No BSOD no errors in event viewer after the fact directly related to the freeze. It can definitely be traced down to youtube or twitch with the game playing however. I have updated Adobe Flash and it didn't seem to change anything. I normally run Chrome so I tried IE (gross) last night and had the same issue, so it doesn't seem to be browser specific.

My video card is running at a cool 50-65 degrees so it doesn't appear to be an overheating issue. I have even tweaked my fan profiles to be a bit more aggressive for cooling. I have tried many different driver configurations and the same issue occurs. Yes, I do overclock my video card, but have rolled it back to default for the purposes of troubleshooting, even with it rolled back to default the same issue occurs. It doesn't seem to have an exact timing as well, sometimes it can be up for hours with youtube or twitch, sometimes it will only take an hour or so before it hard freezes. I have broken out my best Google-Fu but still come up empty. My power settings are all set to not hibernate, not sleep. I am running on a clean install of Windows 10 as well.

Some suggestions that I have rolled across are PSU related, I am running a 700w corsair that is only about 2 years old and with my configuration I don't think that is the smoking gun (especially since it only occurs with youtube, twitch open).

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.