Hi, recently purchased new laptop with windows 10 installed. I currently use public/open wifi connection to connect to the internet for non private surfing (private matters dealt with via payg dongle). However, this open wifi connection can be erratic (whereas previous laptop running windows 7 connected as and when requested). Once connected, it is faultless and speedy enough for my needs. I have also marked this connection as ‘automatic’.
I know that it is not the signal strength, it is simply the initial connection, with which my new laptop seems to struggle with! My screen shows all available networks so is picking up all correct signals. When I click ‘connect’ it will go through the motions for approx 2-3 seconds and then say ‘unable to connect to this network’ and other times, it will say ‘connecting’ and will go through these motions, and will continue to say ‘connecting’ for 15 minutes and longer or until I get sick of waiting!
On the occasions when it does finally ‘connect’, it will begin with a message in the ‘action centre’ saying ‘click on message to connect to open wifi’-it will then go to the open/public wifi homepage and connect-from thereon, I am fine.
Why won’t my laptop connect as easily to open wifi as last machine did on windows 7, and why does it continually say ‘unable to connect to internet’ or remain in ‘connecting’ mode?
A further query I have (apologies) is when my laptop refuses to connect to internet as above, my mobile phone connects to the open wifi easily so I certainly know that it is not the distance that is in question, or the strength of signal-bearing this in mind, is it possible to connect my laptop and mobile phone via usb and possible to use my phone when it is connected to the open wifi source to connect my laptop to internet via this route? If so, would somebody give me step by step instructions to connect this way, please. The phone I currently have is a 3g sony xperia mini pro (which I am sure you can gather I have had for few years now!)
Many thanks for all replies and all assistance is gratefully received.