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Thanks for all the quick and pertinent information regarding this new OS and files. I'll keep a daily eye on this forum so I don't encounter any major hurdles going over to 10. Though I really like 7, hope the OS10 is worth the change.

I use my desktop icons in W7 all the time. Is there a file in Windows 7 that lists all of the addresses for my desktop icons that I can just copy or do I have to hand write them all down?
There is a folder in your user profile Example: C:\Users\Your Login Profile (which is your username)

There are folders where

1. Favorites are located that are used with IE.
2. Desktop that stores you properties of your shortcuts
3. My Documents, My Pictures, My music and my videos.

I believe it was with beginning with Windows 7 libraries were created. Libraries allow you to organize sat pictures in separate folders (Ex Family, work , friends) but when you add them to a library they all are viewed together.