Hello, in Windows XP there used to be a confirmation dialog that pops up whenever you try to rename a Read-Only file or folder.

Whatever happened to this dialog box? It was very useful and should've stayed on by default as Windows developed more. If I don't want that dialog box to show up, I would just uncheck the attribute for Read-Only. Isn't that one of the main points of a Read-Only file? If you decide to rename/delete it, then Windows would remind you that you set this file to be a Read-Only file? Getting rid of that dialog box is practically a whole contradiction in action. How can I re-enable this dialog box?

(I didn't like how if I press the Delete button on a file it would automatically go to the Recycle Bin with no confirmation dialog.. what if I pressed Delete by accident?.. Even worse, pressed Delete on a folder with many files that the Recycle Bin cannot store!! So I re-enabled that dialog box asking for confirmation of a delete)