i transfer img files from android via bt to pc, after all have been transferred, win10 asks in which folder they must be saved - this is the easy part.
if there is a transmission error on say img 200 out of 250, bt freezes and i have to redo the whole process and i can't find the files.
are the sent images in ram or somewhere i can actually find them and move them to the correct folder?
another problem is that as soon as the files are all sent and win asks me where i want to save them i only have a couple of minutes to respond - after that win will just cancel the whole process and the transfer is a non-event [a case in hand would be if i have 500 images to transfer and start the process and go to sleep - next morning i have nothing as i missed out on my 'window of opportunity' to save the files.
is there a way to setup bt that files are by default saved in a folder?
kind regards
God bless