I am running an hp 15ba079dx laptop. I've maxed out the ram at 16gb, and just a few days ago I replaced the 1TB HDD with a 1TB SSD. I also connect the laptop to my TV via HDMI all the time to watch Netflix mostly. I recently replaced my HDTV with a 4k UHDTV. Ever since I did that I have been getting mouse pointer lag on the 4k tv. This is while it is just on the desktop and nothing is runnning. I also noticed that the audio and video when I play a movie on on my TV through the laptop seem to be slightly off too. Its barely noticeable and too small for me to measure, but it does appear to have the same lag time at the mouse pointer.

I have tried updating all the drivers, including the graphics driver. I am using a wireless mouse but I have the laptop with the receiver for the mouse on my coffee table next to each other at all times.

I should also note that the lag never happens on my laptop screen, with or without the TV plugged into the HDMI port.

I am trying to find the fix for this because even though the lag isn't much, it is more than enough to make it impossible to accurately select a spot in a movie on it's progress bar, it even makes it difficult to move windows around on the TV or to select something on the first try.

I have searched this site and Google and I can't find a fix that has worked for me. I'm hoping you'll have something up your sleeves for me.

Thank you