These issues have happened with each update and seem pretty significant that I'm worried it isn't being addressed.

I'm not sure if it is AMD exclusive or not but whenever I update my Win10 build (this time to 10130) the audio to my monitor speakers (via HDMI connection) is always lost. In order to restore it I have to completely uninstall my graphics card (AMD R9 280X) driver, Catalyst Omega, and re-install it. Perhaps it's just because AMD hasn't released an official Win10 compatible build but I believe it was said the Win8/8.1 drivers are compatible.

The other problem is with the Start menu tiles and apps. My tile format is lost pretty much completely after each update. Also, my tiles are randomly shifted from their proper place whenever I wake up the PC from hibernation. It seems they have worked on the problem of apps & programs not launching when clicked on but it still does not seem extremely responsive.

If anyone has any insight to these problems I'd love to hear it.