Let me start by saying I am not sure that this is the correct Forum to post this problem in.

Some background: I upgraded my Windows 7 Laptop to Windows 10 back in August 2015. Other than some minor issues/annoyances, it has worked reasonably well. Earlier this year I created another Partition and installed to Windows 7 which was then upgraded to Windows 10. More reecently I created a third Partition and formatted it (NTFS). Nothing was installed in that third Partition.

A few days ago, I booted into the second Partition and allowwed it to install various updates including the latest Windows 10. I let the updates complete unattended. Booted back intop the second Partition to let the updates complete. I then shutdown and powered back up to Boot from my first Partition. There was no choice of what Partition to Boot from, it simply booted into the second Partition.

This is what I have done so far.

I have deleted the third Partition (now unallocated).

Having noticed that my first Partition had a boot path of *:/ I have renamed the drives so I now have a C Drive and a D Drive (first and second Pertitions respectively).

I have (some how) managed to get back to seeing an option of what Partition to Boot from. From the first Partition I can see from using BCDedit that thre is something awry with the Partition. First, there is only one entry shown and ther is something in there that references the D Drive (second Partition). Note that I have not used BCDedit to edit anything.

I would appreciate some help with resolving this problem. Thenk you.